August 19, 2022

God Asks, “What Are You Afraid Of?”

Don’t you find it interesting how many times we are told in the Bible not to fear?  The only thing we are ever told to fear is God.

When we have the right perspective we can echo this prayer:

God, You have been so very gracious to us… at each turn, caring for us. I know Your kindness better than the lines on my face… Your generosity to us has wowed and thrilled me time and again.

If I lived to be 120 and You never did another thing for me… NOT ANOTHER THING… the only true thing for me to say about Your care would STILL be that You have been utterly gracious to me. You have put food in my body again and again, you have brought water to the dry river bed of my angry, selfish, and sinful life, and to the dead lifeless spirit that only sought its own ways continually, you have given eternal LIFE.

You are gracious and You are good.


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