May 16, 2021

Gov. Rick Perry and Prayer

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Gov. Rick Perry is coming under a lot of fire, not just because he called for the people of his state to pray, but because he actually led a prayer service within the past week where Scripture was read and he prayed for President Obama.

Of course this has the usual suspects1 up in arms because under their illogical reading of the Constitution, if a Governor of a State believes in God, holds a service to God and prays for a current sitting President that magically means that all Texans—and thereby all Americans—will be forced, or feel forced, to believe exactly what Gov. Perry does.

Or they’re just doing it because they have nothing better to do with their time.

I mean, seriously?  These complaints by Atheists are getting out of hand.  For a supposedly rational bunch they behave irrationally at every turn.  Obviously what Gov. Perry is doing isn’t establishing a religion, and the Atheists are trying to prohibit his free exercise rights.

Why do the Atheists believe that just because a person gets an elected office this means that they must stop believing or practicing their belief, and that they must start worshiping the gods of secularism and humanism?  I mean, truly, what gives?

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