August 14, 2022

Sarah Palin for President in 2012? Doesn’t Look Like It

English: Sarah Palin addressing the 2008 Repub...
English: Sarah Palin addressing the 2008 Republican National Convention in Saint Paul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think this is a smart move for her.  I think that she can do a whole lot more from the sidelines than with running.  Why?  Because she would have to overcome the media narrative for her intelligence in order to win, and that would be difficult.

Impressions stick, and as long as the media can keep her in the spotlight and reinforce their template, then she would have difficulty in appealing to the broad spectrum of the American People.

And it doesn’t look like she’s gearing up for a run, considering her schedule:

Yesterday Sarah Palin sent another signal that she probably won’t enter the 2012 presidential race when it was announced she would be doing an event in Denver on May 2—the same day as the first Republican presidential debate.

The political significance of her acceptance lies in the fact that the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is set to hold the first debate among presidential candidates on May 2, an event moderated by Brian Williams of NBC and John Harris of “Presumably, this means she will be doing [the fundraiser] instead of any other engagement on the second [of May],” Mr. Andrews told the Denver Post.

She should stick to doing outside commentary, build her credentials as a “king-maker” and work on her policies if she truly wants to beat the template.

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