August 14, 2022

Bookmarks for November 16th through November 19th

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These are my links for November 16th through November 19th:

  • Top 10 things homeschooled children and parents get to do while everyone else is in school – by Sara Mcgrath – Helium
  • Judge Tells Juror: Stop Tweeting In My Courtroom – Seattle News – The Daily Weekly – Is it just me, or has the jury system strayed so far from what it once was that these kinds of things were doomed to create a problem. I mean, I believe there was a reason that “my peers” meant more than just people that were in the same station in life– they were actually supposed to be “my peers” and they were supposed to bring their experience in the trial to bring forth justice. Now, in the name of justice, they can’t communicate with anyone else, they’re not supposed to consider anything but what’s presented, they’re selected based on whether they’ve heard anything about the case, and now they’re not allowed to communicate out what’s going on… I tell ya.
  • The Yeshiva World EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: NYC Legislators Seek Ban On Full Body Scanners In New York « » Frum Jewish News – Greenfield’s proposed legislation would ban these full body scanners from all New York City buildings, not just airports. In several cities around the United States, these full body scanners are used in government buildings. Most recently, it was discovered that US Marshalls at an Orlando, Florida federal courthouse saved over 35,000 nude images in their scanner.
  • ‘I’m a Saboteur.’ – “There is no simple formula, but fortunately a crude formula will work to get started. If you cut the guaranteed river of revenue that flows into the monopoly, the problem will solve itself — quicker in some places than in others. But over time, it will happen. We should break up institutional schools, decertify teaching, and let anyone who has a mind to teach bid for customers. Trust the customers to know if they’re being cheated, and then give them a way to try something different.” — I think that I’ve posted somewhere on this blog exactly the same idea. Glad I’m not the only one.
  • Amid airport anger, GOP takes aim at screening | Washington Examiner – Did you know that airports can opt out of the TSA screeners? Neither did I. I wonder if more would if less people chose to fly?
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