May 27, 2022

Don’t Seek The Spotlight


One doesn’t participate in the Miss USA pageant because they’re timid, modest and reserved.  They may get in it for the college money, for the recognition of their beauty, or because they have a competitive spirit.

The problem with seeking fame is that always comes with a cost.

In Galatians, the Bible talks about how leaders will be held to a higher standard, and we see how that plays out in the life of Carrie Prejean, for she ended up being a leader in a different way than she originally had planned.

A Leader in a Different Way

She started out believing that she’d possibly win the Miss USA pageant and then be a leader of sorts until the next one.  She’d do her appearances and work on whatever it was that she wanted to spearhead for the organization and that would have been it.

When the situation blew up the way that it did, she found herself in a position of leadership of a different sort—leading a moral group supporting marriage.

But had she disappeared after the comment to Perez Hilton, some of what had come out would not have happened.  You see, it’s about more than her faith, it’s about who she’s claiming she is.

Paris Hilton, whose morality was not billed as high as Carrie Prejean’s, had a sex tape come out as she was trying to become famous on television and run different lines of beauty supplies.

A leader, or someone looking to be a leader, needs to be aware that every time you get in front of another person, you might have a target on your back.

Seeking versus Given

If you push your way into a given position, if you step on people on the way up, you’re more likely to find that you offend people, and those people will look for anything they can do to weigh you down.

Also, any standard that you set for yourself, or perceive to set for yourself, will be exacted to you.  If you take the cloak of Christianity, you are expected to be sinless.

This is why sexual scandals in the GOP ranks in the government are reported differently than in the Democrat ranks.  The GOP’s link to family values makes them hypocritical when they stray.

They don’t see that people aren’t people.  They don’t understand the basic truth that all have sinned—and continue to sin.  They see hypocrites.  They cannot divorce the ideology and standard from the individual.

That is why it is so important that the lives that we live in the mundane are that which will be upstanding rather than something that could come back to haunt us.

It’s also why we shouldn’t necessarily seek leadership.  If we’re faithful, if we’re team people, if we seek the best for others first, we will be a natural leader.  Natural leaders people want to follow.  They feel they are accessible.  They want to follow them.

Leaders put into position do not have this endearment.  They get the authority, but lack the good will, and people want to take them down.

Don’t seek the spotlight.  Seek to make a difference in people’s lives, and let them decide whether they want to follow.

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