May 8, 2021

It’s Good To Take a Stand For Marriage


The reason that Carrie Prejean is in the news is not only for the fact that she is good looking and was Miss California—it’s that she was almost Miss USA (or at least that’s what many said) but for an answer she gave to Perez Hilton about same-sex marriage.

In her interview portion, Hilton asked Prejean what she thought about Proposition 8, the California proposition that would have legalized same-sex marriage, but was rejected by the voters of the state.  Prejean stated that she believed marriage was between a man and a woman.

That’s great—I mean, I agree.  It’s the traditional definition, and altering that definition does erode the meaning, even if it doesn’t directly effect my marriage or those around me.  The problem is, marriage is already pretty weak as it is.

Marriage Erosion

The definition of marriage is as old as time itself—or perhaps a few days younger.  When God created Eve and gave her to Adam, He declared that the two had become one.  It wasn’t until a couple generations later that this would receive its first test.  Lamech, believing he was better than anyone else at the time, took to himself two wives.  Polygamy was the first attack.

Marriage was further eroded by the process of taking a wife’s handmaid to have offspring, and adultery, prostitution and concubines were all things that took place a long time ago.  Today we can add Cohabitation1 and “same-sex marriage.”

See, marriage has been under attack from the outside—from people trying to alter the definition—for a long time.  However, marriage as a term has always meant the same thing—a joining of a man and a woman for life.

Marriage Already is A Weakened Institution

Marriage is and always has been under fire.  As a culture decays in morality, its institutions are polluted and decayed to the point that they lose their meaning—and this is what is happening in this country.  It’s not just “same-sex marriage” that’s the issue.  It’s cohabitation.  It’s “serial monogamy”—the culture of divorce and remarriage.

If you want to take a stand for marriage, you need to take a stand for marriage in its purity.  You need to tell those couples that are living together that they should not be “playing house.”  You need to tell that couple about to get divorced that they’re breaking a promise (and help them to resolve their issues).  You need to do more than make fancy statements about “same-sex marriage” because though I believe they’re wrong as well, there’s a lot more to this topic than whether two people that are already committing sin can commit sin with the state’s blessing.

So yes, take a stand for marriage, but don’t simply make it about homosexuality.  If you’re going to take a stand, make it for what marriage should be.

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  1. Though it’s probably much older, just without the formal definition—since there are laws on the books for “common law marriage.” []

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