May 27, 2022

Get Rid of the Bums…


…Except my guy, because he’s good.

Why is it that we can simultaneous hold that our representatives aren’t doing a good job and believe our local guy isn’t part of the problem?

How can Congress have such a low approval rating, and yet most of the people get elected right back to the same positions they had?

Isn’t it time for term limits, redistricting, or something so that we have different people, or more common people, in office rather than foolishly holding onto the notion that “my guy is ok”?

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One thought on “Get Rid of the Bums…

  1. Congress critters have 2 year terms. You can end their term any time you like. Just get out there and make your voice heard the way Exxon-Mobil and Disney and Lockheed do – exercise your free speech!

    Seriously, all we need to do is convince people that any politician whose ads they see on TV in the weeks before the election is a bought and paid for tool of the established corporate interests and should not get your vote. That will leave you with the Green, Libertarian, Constitution Party and you can write in someone you know. Good luck!

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