August 19, 2022

On January 14, 2052…

Caring Teacher

A radio commercial I hear almost every day has the voices of children claiming that one day they will discover the cure for HIV/AIDS, be President of the United States, and broker a peace treaty between Israel and Palestine—if only we’ll say yes to the latest education fad.

A television commercial asking us to donate to another group displays different inventions of a people group and urges us to invest in the education of this people group for more innovation.

What is interesting is what is not said.

A Great Disconnect

The truth is that regardless of whether we donate these children will or will not do these things—if they’re allowed to be born.  In fact, most developing countries are killing future Presidents of the United States, future scientists that could possibly find the cure for cancer or develop the next green technology.

The fact is, while we may value and treasure the life that is outside of the womb, going so far as to protect them and educate them, we permit and encourage doctors and mothers to kill these very people that we hold in such high esteem.

While some are willing to go to extreme lengths to condemn “torture” of prisoners on the combat field, the same are willing to permit torture to the point of death by the cruelest means possible—saline death that eats at the skin, suction and breaking of limbs before death, etc.

While some are willing to claim that people that are mass murderers and others should be spared lethal injection and the electric chair, those same people are stating that infants in the womb who have committed no crime other than being alive should be killed without pain medication and without a chance to live.

It’s Sickening

And then these people have the audacity to state that it is those that stand for life that are backwards.  It is those that recognize the dehumanizing effect abortion has that are some how standing in the way of freedom and choice.  It is they that are considered backwards and missing the point.

While at the same time they choose to side with people having the right to murder the next Bach, Pasteur or Lincoln.

I’m waiting for the commercial that says “On January 14, 2052 I would have been President and saved the United States from a catastrophe—but I wasn’t allowed to be born.”  Because if you can believe and accept that some of the kids today will someday become the things that they say1, then you have to accept that their absence will have the opposite effect.

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  1. Which is highly unlikely, but that’s the topic of another post []

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