June 17, 2021

We Don’t All Want To Watch the Same Movie

Sunset Wedding Kiss

There are a group of moviegoers that meet every Friday at a local movie theater.  Because they are regulars, they get a discounted rate.  Eight out of them usually see Romantic Comedies, while two of them vary from week to week.

The opportunity came to get them special tickets with a group name and image on them.  Since the overwhelming majority of them see Romantic Comedies—and it was started by the eight that usually see Romantic Comedies—they put on their coupons for their discount a couple kissing along with the name of their group.

Over time, the group grew, but still around 70% of the group still liked romantic comedies, and it pretty much defined who they were.


One day, a couple of the people that didn’t like Romantic Comedies decided that they didn’t like having coupons with the couple kissing on them.  It embarrassed them and the idea that they were part of a group that they didn’t like annoyed them.

No one told them that they had to use it for a Romantic Comedy, and everyone knew that just because they used these tickets they weren’t (necessarily) agreeing that Romantic Comedies were the only movies weren’t watching, but they weren’t satisfied.

They appealed to the movie theater to get the image taken off, or support all the image titles.  The problem was that only one made sense, and the overwhelming majority liked Romantic Comedies—even if some preferred the more romantic and some the more comedic.

How to Solve the Dissonance

So what should be done?  Should the image be changed because it does not totally represent the group?  Should there be no image, since it really doesn’t matter what movie they view, or should it be left alone, because there are still more Romantic Comedy lovers, and there is not difference in rights, just in what’s on the coupon?

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