June 17, 2021

When is a Lie a Lie?

Sala de Parto #3

Two individuals were engaged in name calling, but only one has been forced to apologize.  The question I have is not the decorum question, but the question is “Who’s right?”

You see, when you call something a lie or a person a liar, you’re making a statement that should be verifiable, one way or the other.  But with all the focus of the timing of an outburst to a speech, the focus on the statements themselves is overlooked.

My Local Radio Host Really Annoys Me

I listen to the radio on the way to and from work, and on the way home, the host leans progressive.  He believes that “Cash for clunkers” was great, and agrees with the President that the people that are bringing up things in the town hall meetings are full of lies.

The problem is, I’m not sure how you can trust a President who has a plan that’s not currently in any legislation before the House or Senate to be voted on.

It’s entirely too convenient a tactic.  Have one set of rules written up in a bill that’s actually being debated, voted and amended, and present to the American people what they want to hear.  President Obama does this very well.

From what I’ve read, what he says that he wants and what the bills say are two different things, and that when Republicans try to pass amendments that would follow the President’s own words and desires, they’re refused.

The Deficit

I mean, it’s really shocking when the President willingly admits that there’s a whole bunch of waste in Medicare and doesn’t propose to do anything about it until his bill is passed.

It’s amusing that he’s willing to cut federal spending if his health care plan starts increasing the deficit, right after he signed the biggest spending plan in the history of the country.  Do you actually believe him?

To me, the government seems to believe that they can spend whatever because they can always tax or print more money.  It doesn’t seem like anything limits them—and yet they seem blind to what’s happening around them with the desire of the international organizations to leave the dollar.

Just the Facts

You cannot tell whether someone is lying or not unless you agree to what you’re talking about.  As long as the Democrats continue their shell game of choosing which bill they’ll say they are referring to (or in the case of the President, simply speak about a plan that doesn’t exist) so as to call their questioners liars or say that they don’t know what they’re talking about, then we’ll never have honest open dialog.

Either the President should have put forth his plan from the beginning and worked from there, or he should adopt one of the plans and speak to it.  All this “my plan” stuff is baloney.  He doesn’t have a plan out there, only what the Democrats in the House and Senate have worked on.

And we all know how that goes.

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