April 11, 2021

Obama Wants To Control All Businesses

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The old adage goes “Actions Speak Louder than Words”, so when Pres. Obama came out a few weeks ago to say that he didn’t want to control the auto industry—he had enough things to do with being President that he didn’t need to be a auto company CEO—many believed him.  Except he kept pursuing policies to ensure that he’d be just that.

And his actions since he has taken over power have just confirmed what everyone has expected—that he is the most socialist President in recent history.  The actions that he is taking in every one of his plans are alienating businesses, and putting more people on the public roles faster than would have been believed possible.

  • Through his stimulus plan, he is “creating jobs”.
  • Through his plans for health care, he plans to put more people dependent on government programs.
  • Through his increase in taxes, he will more more American jobs and companies overseas, which will leave more Americans out of work—and guess where they will look?

If we’re to believe that these people are educated and understand the results of their actions (as well as the unintended consequences) we’re left with the distinct probability that they are orchestrating the demise of the nation.  No, I don’t believe that they are actively saying “let’s destroy America”, but what they are doing, and what America will become as an outgrowth of what they are doing are certain to seal its demise.

Freedom at the Core

The first problem is freedom.  When everyone is beholden to the government, the government makes the rules.  That’s not freedom.  Our Founders worked hard to get out of the thumb of oppressive government.  They wanted a decrease in taxation.  They wanted the freedoms of life, liberty and property.

When government owns you, government tells you what to do, who you can hire, where you can drive, etc.  That’s antithetical to freedom.

Financial Security

We’re already seeing that our country is going bankrupt—and as businesses are sent overseas our country gets less free and less independent and innovative.  Soon, other countries will pass ours (if they have not already) in being the next great nation.


In the effort to remake America in their image, they rob it of its founding principles—of their founding faith.

I was watching a DVD by Ken Ham the other day that made this very statement:

How many generations does it take to plunge a society into squalor?  Just one.

We’ve laid the groundwork for our demise in our educational institutions, and now we’re reaping the erasure of God and country from our schools.  Unless there’s a change in direction, it was only a matter of time.

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3 thoughts on “Obama Wants To Control All Businesses

  1. Ironically though he is NOT creating jobs! The unemployment rate is higher now than HE projected it would be WITHOUT the stimulus bill!

    I’m sure, however, Bush will somehow get blamed for all of this.
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  2. I fear by the time people get around to blaming Obama, there won’t be much left to socialize. He’s already King of the banks and auto industry. The news media is in his pocket. Airlines and airplane manufacturers are in the Pentagon’s pocket, so they report to Obama too. Throw in a couple more bailouts, and they’ll all be doing goosesteps on Pennsylvania Ave.

  3. @Rachel: Exactly, it’s a misdirection. But the “I blame Bush” honeymoon will soon end for the moderates– Pres. Obama’s issue polling is doing poorly.

    @Ling: It’s scary, but hopefully he won’t have the clout he needs to hurt us through health care.

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