June 17, 2021

Is It All About Money?

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I was recently reminded about what really matters.  The truth is that there are things that will matter in this life, and things that will last for eternity.  People will last for eternity.  Our children will last for eternity.  This blog will probably not.

So, how do you place value on investing in the next generation?  How much value do you place on teaching teens in your church, or getting involved in a Christian school?

You know, Christian school teachers are some of the least paid individuals out there in Christian ministry.

  • Churches support Pastors—and if you can’t get a good amount of money for a Pastor (along with a parsonage, etc.) then he can work part time to make up the difference.
  • Missionaries raise support—Churches add them to their missions payroll, and they get enough churches so that they can both go to the field and save money for retirement.

Christian School teachers, on the other hand, get paid meager salaries based on tuition, which they have to keep low because the government makes it so that parents have to pay for their education twice—once when it comes to property tax and another for the school itself.

And if they can’t live off of the meager salary, they have to find part time jobs, yet they do it because they care about children—and the next generation.

To me, it’s a lot like stay at home moms.  They’re doing things that don’t have much monetary reward here on Earth, but the Heavenly reward is going to be great.  They are impacting a future generation that may be the leaders of the future—and that’s a big deal.

So no, it’s not all about the money.  It’s all about what God has for us to do.  Be certain you find that before you worry about the dollar signs.

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3 thoughts on “Is It All About Money?

  1. You are so right. I wish sometimes I was a bazillionaire just so I could make donations to Christian schools and support other ministries. 🙂

    Parents today have a huge responsibility today, moreso than any other generation previously. It scares me to think of what will be around my daughter as she ages, which is why even at 3 we are teaching her foundational truth now.
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  2. Rachel has a point. When I see Bill Gates set up a foundation and use all his wealth to focus just on Malaria, makes me think of of all the things that could be done.

    When teachers put aside their own welfare and focus on improving the next generation, the least that can be done is for everyone to chip in and see to it that the Christian School teachers don’t suffer for being selfless.

  3. I think that people look at Christian School Teachers as people that have chosen to sacrifice– like it’s their lot in life. For some odd reason we see them as different, and it should prompt us to be different in our actions to them.

    If there isn’t a system to help them, then we should stand up and do it ourselves.

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