April 22, 2021

Have We Found the Missing Link?

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What was your reaction when, earlier this week, we found that our paleontologists had done it again?  Done what?  Well how many times can you “find the missing link that proves evolution and our link to primates?”

I mean, wasn’t that what Lucy was?

The media are funny, aren’t they?  They make this announcement couched in so many interesting statements that it almost makes you think evolutionist atheists are very misinformed.  The words they used to describe “Ida” make it sound like Evolution (the version where a single celled organism became man via the apes, or TENS1 ) was unproven until this fossil was discovered.

Any good Evolutionist will try to convince you that Evolution is a fact—and they didn’t need these bones to prove it.

However, if you just keep attuned to what’s going on around you, you can see how easily they aren’t as sure as they want you to believe they are.

What is “Ida”?

  • The well-preserved fossil (95 percent complete, including fossilized fur and more) is about the size of a raccoon and includes a long tail. It resembles the skeleton of a lemur (a small, tailed, tree-climbing primate). The fossil does not resemble a human skeleton.
  • The fossil was found in two parts by amateur fossil hunters in 1983. It eventually made its way through fossil dealers to the research team.
  • Ida has opposable thumbs, which the ABC News article states are “similar to humans’ and unlike those found on other modern mammals” (i.e., implying that opposable thumbs are evidence of evolution). Yet lemurs today have opposable thumbs (like all primates). Likewise, Ida has nails, as do other primates. And the talus bone is described as “the same shape as in humans,” despite the fact that there are other differences in the ankle structure.3
  • Unlike today’s lemurs (as far as scientists know), Ida lacks the “grooming claw” and a “toothcomb” (a fused row of teeth) In fact, its teeth are more similar to a monkey’s. These are minor differences easily explained by variation within a kind.

From Answers in Genesis

Ida is more like a lemur than a man, but you wouldn’t get that from media reports.  For what they say, you would expect the image to look like something like a man and a monkey, when this clearly has no resemblance to man.

There’s A Lot We Cannot Explain

Science still doesn’t have an answer for:

  • How did the universe form?
  • What is consciousness?
  • How did life first come about?

And other probing questions, and I would postulate that science isn’t equipped to handling what are, at the core, historical or philosophical questions.

There is a definite reason that TENS must be true, just as, for the Christian, there is a reason that the story of Creation must be true.

But there can be only one truth.

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  1. The Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection []

2 thoughts on “Have We Found the Missing Link?

  1. Sometimes I think all these guys do is keep finding newer stuff which completely negates everything known until then. What’s worse is that no one really understands, or cares, what these guys are doing. I think it’s just one big conspiracy by these scientists to keep their jobs and grants safe – Keep coming up with new discoveries which prove the previous theories wrong.

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