May 8, 2021

On Palin as Vice President

Many of you know that I have struggled with the idea of Gov. Palin being Vice President from a Scriptural side of concept.  I personally believe that God has chosen—by His will, for His own reasons—to create man first, and to use this as the basis for leadership (in the home, in the church, and in the country).

I am a conservative—that is how I’m registered to vote, and that’s generally the line I follow.  Sen. McCain is no conservative, so the fact that Gov. Palin is on the ticket appeals to my conservative beliefs.  But I had the nagging feeling in regards to God’s law.

When I watched John Piper’s election video the other day, it didn’t help:

However, he followed it up today with a post, and I can agree with what he says there.

Not only that, a person with my view may very well vote for a woman to be President if the man running against her holds views and espouses policies that may, as far as we can see, do more harm to more people than we think would be done by electing a woman President and thus exalting a flawed pattern of womanhood. In my view, defending abortion is far worse sin for a man than serving as Vice President is for a woman.

For Piper, it’s a matter of degrees, and I can concur with this.  I’ve not voted yet, but this helps settle my conscience should I decide to vote for McCain-Palin.

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One thought on “On Palin as Vice President

  1. With all due respect to Mr. Piper, Obama is not the first African American to ever run for president. He is the first one to win a nomination of the party and of course now the first one to be ever elected. But not the first to EVER RUN for president.

    The Bible has few very powerful examples of women leaders: Miriam, Deborah, Huldah are good examples.

    Vlads last blog post..I Pryed From Obama Today

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