April 13, 2021

Change is in the Air

LaptopThe human experience is full of change.  Nothing is consistent and nothing is guaranteed.  Some parents wish that their children would never grow up, because at each stage of life there’s something new and unique to enjoy.  People enter and leave our lives at various times, and try as we might we are not able to keep them where we want them.

Over my past ten years with my day job I have seen many people I like come and go.  I’ve seen people leave for bigger and better things, and people leave because times were tight.  I have a pretty exclusive skill set, so though there were always rumors, I figured that I was pretty safe.

So, what happened today took me by surprise—only slightly.  At roughly 12:45 PM EST, I received an e-mail requesting a department meeting in an executive conference room.  At 1:15 pm, it was disclosed the my project has been relocated, and our positions are terminated.

It did take me by surprise, that much is certain, and yet I know it’s not a personal decision, but a business decision.  I won’t get into the particulars, as is my custom, but I see the hand of God at work in my life.

For the past year, beginning in the spring, I have believed that God has been working to make me uncomfortable with the status quo.  It may have started when I interviewed back in March for a different job, but through many different events I have begun to wonder if He would rather me be working with a different company, or in a different occupation altogether.

And there has always been a desire in me to freelance as well—perhaps through blogging, or through my trade as a web developer.

In any case, I count this as an exciting time, not a negative time.  I know that God has promised to provide, and I know that He has something in mind—whether it be a different department in my current company, or with a different company, or a different job.

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