May 8, 2021

Busy Day

news006 It’s been a pretty busy day, but here’s some articles that I’ve been reading, and feel free to discuss anything political.

Joe The Plumber: Obama Tax Plan ‘Infuriates Me’

Dutch abortion ship sparks controversy in Spain

Still to Come, the Third-Party Debate

Obama Hasn’t Closed the Sale

Rivals Split, With Joe in the Middle

Your Debate Rundown

Youngsters treated to lesbian ‘wedding’

3rd Presidential Debate

Feel free to comment here on any of these, or join in the discussion at these different sites.

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3 thoughts on “Busy Day

  1. The field trip thing? Infuriates me. INFURIATES ME. 5&6 year olds???? Are you KIDDING ME????

    This is exactly why I am on my knees praying that God will provide a way for us to homeschool our little girl (and any other kiddos that might come along). Because I’m likely to do bodily damage to someone who takes my child off to see a gay or lesbian wedding in the name of “education.” No, the word isn’t education. It’s indoctrination.

    Why is the gay & lesbian agenda so militant? Why are they trying to start in on our children so young? Do we even get a chance anymore to educate our children in truth?

    Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

    Rachels last blog post..Because Everybody Else is Doing It

  2. @Rachel: You must remember that they view their plight akin to slavery– and they feel that they need to make sure that they’re never discriminated against again. The battleground is, and has always been our children. Hence the power to be hand in having multiple children. It really is much stronger than we’re allowed to believe.

    @Elizabeth Esther: You’re most certainly welcomed. That field trip wasn’t anything but showing support for deviant behavior.

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