August 19, 2022

Brillante Weblog Premio – 2008


Mama Archer has given this blog an award.  At least, I think it’s this blog.  Nowadays you have to be pretty good to find where I’m writing.  (Whew!)

In any case, I’d like to thank—wait a second.  She says I got this award because I’m one of her top 5 commenters.  So I got this award because of my quantity of comments.


So I guess this really means that I’m a good commenter, or at least she thinks so.  I’ll have to follow up with her and see if she really is giving “ME” the award or my blog, but in any case, I get to nominate 5 people/blogs, so here goes:

  1. Musings of a Future Pastor’s Wife
  2. Talmidah B’Yeshua
  3. Home-steeped Hope
  4. Christian Personal Finance Blog
  5. Seeking Faithfulness
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10 thoughts on “Brillante Weblog Premio – 2008

  1. wellllll… both.. you and your many blogs! You are a great blog writer and you add so much to mine when you contribute! Shesh…make me think about my motives here..*grin*

    Thanks for contributing your thoughts on teaching children to pray!

    MamaArchers last blog post..Pondering Prayer

  2. @Holly: Well, you certainly get more comments than I do!

    @ChristianPF: You know, if you mention cookies that means that you have to bring some to share.

    @MamaArcher: Just what exactly did I get this award for anyway?

    @Leticia: Thanks!

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