August 14, 2022

Not Me


Yesterday was my church’s 50th anniversary, and for that anniversary our pastor invited the first pastor of the church back to offer the message of the morning.  That message was in keeping with a series that we just finished up a few weeks ago, in that it brought to focus the understanding that it’s not about us, it’s all about Him.

The message started in John 6, and the speaker talked about how important it was to realize that Jesus was trying to explain to the people that the Bible was all about Him.  The lessons, the teachings, the examples, everything—it was all about Him and what He was going to do.

Speak to the Rock

The most fascinating part of the discussion, however, was when he took us back to Numbers 20, where God instructed Moses to speak to the rock to bring forth water, but Moses had other plans:

And Moses and Aaron gathered the congregation together before the rock, and he said unto them, Hear now, ye rebel; must we fetch you water out of this rock? – Numbers 20:10

Here was Moses fatal mistake.  At this point it went from being all about God’s provision, and changed into being something that Moses and Aaron were dong for the people.

Now, on one aspect, who can blame Moses?  Here he is, leading a group of people out in the desert that have seen great and glorious things, and they still don’t get that God will take care of them.  You can read the frustration in his voice.

And yet, he disobeyed.

God Still Provided

God still let the water come out of the rock.  Moses did the wrong thing—he disobeyed God.  God punished Moses by not letting him into the promised land, but water still flowed and the people were still blessed.

This should be sobering to church leaders.  A lot of times I’ve heard the argument, “but so many souls came to Christ” as the justification for an activity that I believe violated Scripture.  “Surely, if this were against God’s wishes, He wouldn’t bless!”

Numbers 20:10ff says exactly the opposite.  God blessed them despite Moses disobedience.

It Wasn’t About Moses

Moses forgot his place.  The water wasn’t about him, it was about God.

How often do we think the things that we do are about us?  How often do we take the credit for things that God does.

The challenge for the week, from the preacher, was to look in the mirror every morning and say to yourself “Not me” meaning that it’s not about me, it’s not my strength—it’s all about Him.

Join me in this challenge?

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  1. @Rachel: I’ve remembered because the preacher said something about “do you think Moses, while he was using his Gillette razor in the mirror that morning, remembered “It’s not me?” Since I use a Gillette razor, I remembered. Weird, eh?

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