May 29, 2022

Be Ready to Meet The Need

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If we’ve taken the steps we talked about last time and made a priority of prayer and watching, then we will see God at work.

But backing up a bit, make sure that your motives are correct.  If you’re seeking to see God work so that you can get a blessing, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.

You see, God is the only one worthy of Glory.  It is His work that will draw others to Him.  This is something that I’ve seen time and again with my discussions with atheists and people of differing worldviews.  If all others see of God is what man can do, why should they believe?

On the contrary, every time God has shown Himself strong (the plagues, crossing the Red Sea, Christ’s miracles), people have believed.

Seeing God’s Glory

What we need to be doing is seeking to see God revealed through us.  To see Him at work using us—out ant beyond us.  When we see this, being blessed is a byproduct (Eph 4:13-15)

What God initiates, He completes

This is a very important truth.  You see, since God is who He is, and His Word always comes to pass, you can be sure that what He says He will do (Isaiah 46:11).  It’s God’s character that is on the line if He were not to do it.

This is also why it is so important to watch what we say about God’s Word.  God has something to say about 88 Reasons the Lord will Return in 1988.  That author was a false prophet.  God did not say that, otherwise it would have happened!

Waiting On Him

So we must be sure of His call.   He alone has the right to make the call.  A lot of planning has this backwards.

You have been in the same meetings that I have.  They open in prayer, they call the meeting to order, they make decisions and then they tell God what we will do instead of listening for Him.

Then they wonder why God didn’t come through.

Be Ready

So, we need to stop doing and start listening.  We need to quit being religious, and instead build our relationship.  We need to count on God’s promises and watch for Him to be at work.

Only then will people see God and not us.

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