May 10, 2021

Why “Obama-Messiah” is an Effective Attack


A few weeks ago the news was awash with the idea that Sen. Obama was impossible to make fun of.  Many late night comics were out saying they just couldn’t find anything that was that funny—or that they felt their audiences could laugh at.

Then Obama went overseas.

It was supposed to be a “win” for Obama—getting a chance to speak to foreign leaders and making him look more Presidential.  Instead, it continued to feed into the notion that Sen. Obama believes that he’s already won the contest—and that really doesn’t endear oneself to voters.

So, this latest line of attacks—linking Obama as the Messiah—I believe is actually quite brilliant.

It Plays to the Elitism Charge

This is a big chink in his armor.  With the amount of fawning press coverage that Sen. Obama has been getting, as well as winning against Hillary, he must believe that he’s invincible.  I mean, it’s an election year with a unpopular incumbent in the opposing party and all across the political spectrum people are expecting Democrats to win big.

He believe’s it’s already his—or he’s acting that way:

  • The “Presidential” seal
  • The World tour
  • The press
  • The money he’s raised
  • The crowds he’s drawn

The problem is that with this popularity, he’s not seeing those that disagree—and he’s alienating them.  Whether it’s the comment about gun-toting, God lovers or that America’s ready to enter a new millennia when he takes control or that global warming will ceases when he comes to power, he comes across as arrogant.

The Obama-Messiah attack has him there.  It takes his audacious claims at face value.  It shines the light on his attempts at humility and reveals them for what they are.

No one likes to think of themselves as mere mortals when then man that wants to lead them thinks of himself as a god.

It’s Hard to Not Reply

The way to defeat this attack, of course, is to laugh it off.  But given where he is that is near impossible.  Why?  Because he has set himself up as a man of the people, and yet acted like he is superior to them.

And there’s the rub.  When he attacks mere mortals for daring to label him for what he’s doing, he only succeeds in proving the attacks true!

If he cannot look at the commercials or the attacks as something funny, if he gets defensive or bristles at the comparison, then he will be saying that there’s an element of truth to them.  That’s devastating.

Don’t be surprised if this theme really starts to take off and gain traction as the comedians cannot help but start to poke fun at the man that would be god.

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2 thoughts on “Why “Obama-Messiah” is an Effective Attack

  1. This is interesting.

    I keep waiting for the country to wake up and start asking questions about who this man is and what do we really know about him. I’m wondering if it’s going to happen.

    My cousin is a big Obama supporter. His main reason is because he doesn’t get healthcare at his job so he’s all about national health care. So I asked him the other day, how did he think Obama was going to pay for the healthcare? He said he didn’t know but it was better than anything McCain was planning. The funny thing is, my cousin is a very intelligent man, but he is snowed by the “don’t worry, the government will take care of you with no strings attached” mentality.

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