April 13, 2021

In Memory of Maria

Steven Curtis Chapman Family By now you’ve probably all heard, Maria Chapman, the 5-year-old adopted daughter of singer Steven Curtis Chapman, was stuck and killed by an SUV being driven by an older teenage brother.

Words cannot express how difficult this time will be for the family, and what they will be remembering this memorial day.

Most difficult, I believe, will be what the teen who was driving the vehicle will be going through as he contemplates what he did and did not do.  The sights and the sounds will probably haunt him from some time to come.

Fortunately, they can find hope in this midst of sorrow.  Their daughter, now absent here, is at home with her father in Heaven.  And although they may not see her for a while here, they will see her again.

We have a living hope.  Since Jesus both died and was risen again, we know that we will one day rise as well.

So pray for the family, pray for the son that was driving, and pray that they may find comfort in this time of trouble.

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3 thoughts on “In Memory of Maria

  1. This is so incredibly hard. My heart goes out to all of them, but especially that brother. Poor guy. To live with that all his life. Hopefully by God’s grace he will be able to move on.

    You know, I think about how quickly my girls are growing up, how soon they will leave the nest, but then something like this happens. Death is not in my equation. It’s a good reminder to us to cherish each second.

  2. @Mary: Amen, Mary. My wife has been a whole lot more careful with our children around cars, but all it takes is a second– someone not watching, someone that’s not paying attention. Life is a gift, and we are not guaranteed a tomorrow for us or our kids. It’s a sobering reminder, indeed, to cherish life.

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