April 16, 2021

Weekend Kindness – Carpet

This was supposed to be Mother’s Day week on Weekend Kindness, but it appears all the moms were too busy being a mom to write about their mom!

The only post that’s gone live so far this week is one called “Of Kids and Carpet” which talks about some lessons learned when my wife and I ripped up the carpet in our dining room.

Of course the update to the story is that we will be getting new hard wood floors put in next Tuesday, and the kids are really excited about hawing people come over then.

If you write in something in comments about your mom, I’ll compile it into a post for over there, otherwise, we’ll try again next week.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Kindness – Carpet

  1. What? Nobody told me! Sorry, I must have missed it.
    Talking about my mom is really difficult, anyway. Mother’s Day is a hard time for me. My mom has always been a very needy person (I think she has Borderline Personality) and in many ways, I feel like I was the one taking care of her when I was a child. I always take Mother’s Day as a challenge to say something creative to her that makes her feel I appreciated her parenting (when I really have a lot of resentment toward her that I haven’t yet gotten rid of).

    alicias last blog post..Still Fightin’

  2. My mom is awesome. On Mother’s Day, I was going to cook dinner for her at her house so she could relax. Instead, she and my dad surprised me by coming to my house to help me organize and clean and fix things around the house.

    They just left my house after throwing me a surprise birthday party and brought me a writing desk, chair, and bookshelf, painted in bright colors. (MIn, I will put this to good use on the CYOA, believe me.)

    AGs last blog post..My birthday!

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