June 24, 2021

Do the Muslims Have a Point?

hijab for dummies Around the time of 9/11 many people started saying that instead of using force we should try to understand why the East does not like the West.  One of the things that came back was our immorality.  Sending Barbie over to the East with her cutoffs and halter tops (as well as our pop princesses) did not sit well with those who wear burkas and punish those that engage in premarital sex with death.

Now hear me out, I’m not recommending either of these two things for American law or even to be implemented in the church.  Now that I’ve said it, let’s move on.

It used to be said that Christianity was keeping a certain percentage above the world morally.  Simply stated, the more the world loosened its standards, the more the church did as well, but there was always a gap– a place where the church was slightly better than the world.

With statistics indicating that the percentage of Christians getting divorced equaling that of the unsaved world around them, and what Christians are allowing themselves to be entertained with, one begins to wonder if the reason that Christianity is loosing ground is that it isn’t Christianity at all.

Like the Internet Monk, I agree that we do not see the persecution that Christians see in Africa and Asia, but I think that a big reason is because we’re not the Christians we should be.  We’re petty, we fight amongst ourselves, and the world really doesn’t see us as much of a threat, since we’re just like them.

I’m not advocating becoming Amish, but what I am saying is that the time has come to take a serious look at our hearts.  We need to look inside and find out:

  • Why are we entertained by half dressed girls singing pop songs?
  • Why are we entertained by things with demonic undertones?
  • Why are we entertained by violence and death?
  • Why we are drawn to dress in clothing that reveals all?
  • Why we are engaging in premarital sex and divorcing at the same rate as the world?
  • Why are our churches splitting?
  • Why is their disrespect inside of families?

I encourage you to take a hard look at yourself, as I will be doing, and see what it is you choose to entertain yourself with and figure out how it squares with the Bible.  Take a look at your activities, and where your mind goes when it’s free to go wherever it chooses.

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One thought on “Do the Muslims Have a Point?

  1. We’ve become less bold in our faith. I’m not sure why, but I watch my mother try to witness to someone and, the whole time, she’s apologizing for bothering them. We tend to believe that we’re fighting an uphill battle, when really, we’re not. We’re part of an army on which the Lord of Hosts is the general. Why are we apologizing? While we shouldn’t be pushy, we should be bold.

    When we talk to a child about abstinence, we should do it with confidence that they are capable of living it out.

    When we evangelize our neighbors, we should do it with confidence that they can make the right choice.

    When we have tiffs with our spouse, we should do it with the confidence that we can work through this.

    It’s never hopeless and we should never be timid.

    AGs last blog post..Shout to the Lord

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