April 18, 2021

You Call That Fellowship?

BibleI’m a Baptist, and one of the things that Baptists constantly get picked on is Fellowship and Food.  My church lived up to this reputation this winter by having a meal every Sunday followed by an afternoon service rather than having an Evening Service, but that’s beside the point…

Just what is fellowship?

‘Biblical fellowship is not coffee and donuts,’ Roger explained one night. Oh, maaaan, you just ruined my day by telling me that! No, it can include coffee and donuts, but it MUST include Jesus. Christians standing around talking about sports, family, finances, or even about the church–is not biblical fellowship. We often call it that, but that’s simply Christians socializing. Talking scripture, sharing a testimony, relating how God has answered prayer–such things as these constitute biblical fellowship.

How many times do we consider it Christian fellowship when we have a donut hour before church or we have a sports night when all we really mean is having Christians socializing?  And what are we missing by limiting our fellowship times to these type of things?

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2 thoughts on “You Call That Fellowship?

  1. This post made me smile. I’ve had this conversation more than a few times and it’s amazing how many people have confused socializing with fellowship.

    We host a home Bible study and it’s been a running joke that “fellowship will make you fat.” We know better, of course. It just seems like some people will only hang around afterward if there are desserts. LOL!

    Christine @ Serenity How?’s last blog post..Fight the Frump – Attitude Adjustment

  2. It seems that this is the ideal way to “sell” a get-together– just tell everyone that food is there. It’s so much easier to socialize than have fellowship.

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