May 8, 2021

God on Trial

AncientThe rise of Fundamentalist Atheism has meant that Christians have been called out of their slumber and their weakness in actually understanding what they believe to being able to defend and articulate their belief.

To that end, there are many new lines of thought out there, and many new atheists as well. In this new series we’ll take start by taking a look at some of the comments on my post Number One Reason Christians Lose Their Faith and see where these concepts come from and how they mesh with what we know about God.

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3 thoughts on “God on Trial

  1. I have also found that many new and old Christians want to treat God like a Genie in a bottle.  It doesn’t work that way.  God is not going to give into every cry and demand.
    It is our faith in Him, that gets us through the difficult times and trusting that He is always in control.

  2. I feel so ignorant. What, exactly, is meant by “fundamentalist atheism?” Thanks for enlightening me! I enjoy the blog!

  3. I’m not quite sure where I first heard the term, Andrea. It basically taps into the whole “fundamentalist Islam” and “fundamentalist Christianity” as it refers to people who not only believe there is not a God, but are passionately preaching it and defending it. Perhaps “evangelical atheism” makes more sense in context. It’s someone who is not content just believing what they believe, but believes they must go out and convince everyone that they are right.

    Richard Dawkins and a lot of the other authors who have written anti-God works recently fall into this category.

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