April 11, 2021

An Answer for Imprisoned

MInTheGap Dear Imprisoned,

Greetings from MInTheGap. We live in a time where more people are reserved, and it is difficult for some people to understand this. The man that you refer to seems to be interested in being a good neighbor and to him that means trying to be friendly in his own way. We each have different ways of expressing friendliness, and this man is no different.

You may find what he has to say and the way he has to say it as uncomfortable, but how would you like it if your attempt to be friendly was ridiculed on the Internet as being and insensitive clod? Instead of going to the press to ask what to do, it would have been a whole lot better all the way around if you would have just talked to him or his wife (or even dropped them a note) to tell them how you feel.

Instead, you’ve come off petty, and I know that there are many people that wish that they had neighbors that would actually take the time to be friendly.

Please try to communicate with them your uncomfortableness and if that doesn’t work, then it might be time to consider a new place.

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