May 9, 2021

What Did YOU Do All Day?

Mother and Children at Doctor I think that one of the most demeaning question we can ask our wives upon completing a day of work is “What did you to today?” Why? Because if they are a stay at home wife/mom they probably did much more in a day than you’ll ever do!

I was reminded of this again by Mrs. Brigham in her post about what it means, to her, to be a mom at home. She lists 9 different ways she can guard her house:

  1. Rightly dividing the Word of God
  2. Keeping priorities fixed on God
  3. Educating her child in the Ways of God
  4. Taking care of her family’s health
  5. Being sure that her family uses money wisely
  6. Watching what goes on in her mind
  7. Being sure to encourage her husband
  8. Keeping outside influences in check
  9. Knowing first aid

It’s just amazing the preparation and care that goes into being a mom. Are we husbands appreciative enough of our wives and what they do? Are we thankful to them, or do we just expect it out of them?

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3 thoughts on “What Did YOU Do All Day?

  1. The key though, is the tone of voice or meaning behind which you ask this question! I love it when my dh asks me what we’ve done today, b/c he’s truly interested! And it’s funny, even on days that I feel were a loss, he’s still upbeat and encouraging…in his eyes being a stay-at-home mom is the hardest job on earth. (Do I have him fooled or what? lol)

    Okay, it’s not an easy job, but I can’t imagine a more perfect one!

  2. Yeah. Those days when the girls are into everything and create 5 messes while I am cleaning up 1 mess are usually the days that my husband asks what I’ve been doing. Sometimes it makes me want to smack him but good, and other times it just makes me want to cry. He just doesn’t stop to think what he is saying.

    Guys, even if it looks like nothing has been done, that is [usually] not the case. Show some consideration and compassion – PLEASE! 😀

  3. Sometimes I think that it would be a wonderful thing for husbands to be at home and do the same work that wives do. I don’t say that to undercut the hard work that men do, but just to say that I’m not sure that they understand what we do. When my husband is at home, the hardest thing that he has to do is pull the level to put the recliner’s footrest up. So, for him to ever ask me (in a cricital tone of voice) what I’ve done all day, he is liable to be grounded. (tongue-in-cheek) *laughs*

    He did make the mistake once of teasing me for not being out of bed at 9:00 a.m. when he came home early from work one day. He didn’t stop to realize that mom never gets a single day off, and the work doesn’t stop when munchkins are in bed. Mom has to steal a little quiet relaxation wherever she can manage, and I try to do that once a week. The good Lord had a great idea with the Sabbath! lol

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