April 22, 2021

Stats for September

Happy Sunset And so we bid adieu to another month. Yes, September has been quite the month.

This site doesn’t work without the gracious people that come by and comment each and every day. You come by to chat, to discuss, and to talk about topics of the day with friends. I thank you.

Just in case you were interested to see a recap of this month (as of Sept 28, 2007):

Top 5 Post Categories:

  1. Pro-Life – 12 posts
  2. Bible – 11 posts
  3. Family – 6 posts
  4. Saving Money – 4 posts
  5. Website – 3 posts
Top 5 Commenter:

  1. Arthur – 24 comments
  2. Mary – 15 comments
  3. Colleen – 13 comments
  4. Leticia – 12 comments
  5. Musicguy – 11 comments
Top 5 Referrers by Visits:

  1. Jess with 81
  2. Rebecca with 55
  3. Mary with 51
  4. Amanda with 50
  5. KimC with 42
Top 5 Referrers by Pages/Visit

  1. Christa Taylor with 22
  2. Weekend Kindness with 5.26
  3. Our Family Porch with 3.67
  4. Designs by RS with 3.25
  5. Mandi Kaye with 3.16

Thank you again, and I look forward to having a great October with all of you.

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5 thoughts on “Stats for September

  1. Thanks for sharing your stats. I was pleasantly surprised to see both The Porch Light (ourfamilyporch.blogspot.com) and RS Designs (designsbyrs.com) made your list. Thanks for the links and for the good blogging as well. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. mandikaye, what can I say? Stats are stats. Just keep in mind that I’ll be doing a similar post at the end of October as well.

    Charley, well, I certainly hope that you’d have something to say, though adding a comment for the sake of adding a comment has been done before. Today you’re in the top-5. If you look back around January in the comment wars people were up to 50 in a 30 day period– and there’s always the archives.

    Colleen, me either. Just when you think you’ve written your last thing something gets you going– like the abortion debate of last month. It got my passion for the issue going again.

    Revka, no problem with the stats. Thanks for the compliment.

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