May 8, 2021

Please Post – Misc

From here the conversation with Techskeptic degrades into name calling, mischaracterized and crazy logic.

First, I “look like a foolish child, pontificating in my ignorance” for trying to keep on a given topic and not being drawn off course into his many tangents.

Then, he doesn’t understand the connection between abortion and unwanted pregnancy. For the first part, there are certainly ways not to get pregnant– don’t have sex, being the primary one. The second part is that Techskeptic doesn’t get the connection between more unwanted pregnancies caused by abortion. He wants to believe it’s eliminating it, and won’t even do any research (when asked repeatedly) to look for stats that state one way or another what happened when abortion became legal. I provided stats on at least two posts that state that legalized abortion has done exactly the opposite of his humanitarian goal of less unwanted pregnancies. Instead, it’s created more.

He then goes into a very twisted logical paradigm:

The abstinence only version of pregnancy prevention:

“Dont have sex and you wont get pregnant”

The abstinence only version of Obesity control

“Dont eat and you wont get fat”

The Abstinence only version to reduce drug use

“Dont do drugs and you wont OD”

The abstienence only version of reducing smoking

“dont smoke and you wont get tobacco related lung cancer”

So, he’s advocating instead;

  • Everyone’s going to get fat, so pig out– just make sure the cook washed his hands.
  • Everyone’s going to do drugs, so let’s provide clean needles and access to whatever’s going well out there.
  • Everyone’s going to smoke, so let’s make sure we reduce the tar in there and add a good filter, even though they’ll be addicted to the nicotine.

It’s crazy! I don’t know of any parent that would encourage their kids to “have a safe drug addiction” or “have a safe smoking addiction” but we’re all for “have a safe sex addiction”?

And why is there bad behavior? Because we’re all sinners. We all fall short. And providing safe means to sin still remains ignorant of the concept that sin has consequences. It did at the fall, it does today. “Safe-sex” can get you HPV, Clymidia, Herpes, or can get your pregnant– but we want to make sure you FEEL safe, because you really aren’t.

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5 thoughts on “Please Post – Misc

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  2. Wow. How incredibly weak you must be to post about me, represent my conclusions completely incorrectly and then not invite me to defend my position?That is truly pathetic. This is where your religious morals lead you? What a sad man you are.

  3. Just to satisfy my curiosity, tech, how did you find these posts? Was it through one of the six trackback links I made sure showed up in the comments section of that very post? Right after you asked me the original question “Please Post” and then specified what you wanted me to comment on?

    In truth, that which was said here is the same that I said there, only here I had more room and made it into a seven part series. How did you find this five months after it was posted? I did exactly what you requested– I posted on every question that you asked. And, truth be told, you’re doing the same things here as you are there– commenting on the person rather than the topic at hand.

  4. clearly the guy is flipped out, but the truth is that in the moment one cell is formed from inside the woman, the baby starts living, and therefore killing it, even when you never wanted a child, even when that child comes  from something as horrible as a rape, aborting a baby, even though legal, is killing a baby. If one cannot hold one to a baby they can give it to an orphanage or something similar,  but killing is not an appropriate moral way!

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