April 14, 2021

Please Post – Chapter 2

Techskeptic wants to know:

Please post data where you think these doctors are making huge amounts of money on abortions specifically (as opposed to having a practice that makes money that happens to also provide abortions)

This one’s pretty straightforward. There are two places that an abortion can be performed. One of them is a hospital, but the other form is the nastier kind– it’s the abortion clinic. We have one of these in the area that boasts of doing abortions right inside, instead of at the hospital.

According the Women’s Health Information:

The price for abortion depends on stage of pregnancy, where you live, whether or not insurance covers it, if your insurance covers all or part, if your state has state Medicaid for low-income people, etc. First trimester abortions cost about $300 – $600. Second trimester, $500 – $5000.

So, if you’re not talking about a hospital, you’re talking about an abortion clinic, who do you think gets the majority of the $300 – $5000 fee?

The Business of Abortion copies an Income Statement from the Wall Street Journal in 1993 that puts the figure for a doctor specifically performing abortions at $146,500.

Meehan reports states the following:

Money was certainly a major incentive for some. Dr. Noreen Johnson became medical director of a California abortion clinic in the late 1970s when she was still a hospital resident. Averaging 30 to 40 abortions a week, she was making $70,000 to $80,000 per year from abortions alone. That was over twice as much as her resident’s salary of roughly $30,000 per year. But by 1994 the main doctor at a North Dakota abortion clinic made $100,000 a year while working there only two days per week.1

Life Dynamics reports:

How much do abortionists make?

A. In 1970’s, one typical abortionist reported to make $80,000 a year plus a $24 bonus for every abortion he could perform.

B. In 1980’s court records show a typical abortionist making $120,000 salary plus bonuses.

C. In 1990’s, an abortion clinic in Arkansas looking for a doctor to perform abortions offered $250,000-$300,000 a year.

Need I continue? Abortion is a lucrative business. Compare the cost of handing out a pill, a condom, or doing an exam to a procedure that can charge up to $5000 (although the average is closer to $500) for a few minutes worth of work. Which would you rather be doing if you were a business?

And that’s the point. There’s no money for Planned Parenthood if they give the baby up for adoption. There’s only money for them if the person opts to kill the child.

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  1. Dr. Noreen Johnson, MAP V, 20 April 1996; Barbara Carton, “The Dollars and Cents of the Abortion Business,” Wall Street Journal, 16 Jan. 1995, B-1. []

2 thoughts on “Please Post – Chapter 2

  1. Oh good grief…there is not even a question that the money is STAGGERING! About ten years ago, our local paper ran a large, front-page article on a local abortionist, painting her as some sort of hero for what she did. I wrote a letter to the editor countering that with similar statistics that you use in your post, showing the amount of money involved…and they actually published it!

    The bottom line is there is a large amount of money in the child-killing industry, and much of it is in cash…can you say, “tax avoidance?”

    If abortion were such a wonderful thing, why are there no doctors and clinics who operate in a pro bono fashion? Why are there not groups out there who will pay the expenses for women? Why are there no pro-abortion equivalents to the Crisis Pregnancy Centers?

    Sorry…your online nemesis, like so many others, has his head in the sand when it comes to all issues surrounding the national sin of abortion.

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