April 19, 2021

coComment – A Great Way to Keep Up on Comments

windowslivewritertrackbacktest-cbc4keyboard4.jpgHave you ever gone surfing around the web, found something on a blog that you really had something to say, commented, but couldn’t find the box to subscribe to comments? I have. In fact, I often have wondered just where I’ve been and the conversations I’ve had– and sometimes I find my way back after a while, only to find that someone had responded to something I’ve said, but I had forgotten to go back and check.

There are RSS feeds for comments on every post. At one point, I thought that if I were really interested, I could subscribe to the RSS feed of a comment stream, but one time I tried it I was seeing everything– spam, comments on other topics– and it’s hard sometimes to find the right RSS to link to since there are so many on a page.

Enter coComment. You’ve probably noticed the box under the comments on this site– that’s the coComment box. Once you’ve signed up, every time you comment on this site you can select the option to have coComment keep track of the comments on their site to see when someone else has commented. You can see the comments that have been made, and then visit this site to keep up with the conversation.

It gets better.

If you’re running Firefox, they have an Add-On that puts the coComment box under every comment box on every blog site. You can subscribe with one click (and even specify tags!) for every comment you leave, and then have one place to watch the comments come in. The Add-On even has a status bar icon that shows a little envelope when there’s a new comment.

I’ve been using it for a little while now, and really like being able to keep up with comments. There have been a couple sites, however, that have taken a little longer to post follow-up comments (or haven’t posted at all) but I would guess that’s a problem with their page and not coComments.

You can also network with other people on this site and see what they are commenting on– see what’s popular! If you sign up today you can be part of my network over there! Just look for MInTheGap!

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3 thoughts on “coComment – A Great Way to Keep Up on Comments

  1. Actually, there is one feature that would be kinda neat. If I were able to monitor comments on my blog/blogs from your site (so I could see that there were new comments) then I’d only have to go to one place instead of going to each blog to check if there were comments.

    Oh, and support for multiple blogs being owned by one person would be nice.

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