June 15, 2021

How to Fight an Addiction

addictionOne of the hardest things to combat is an physical addiction. Your body gets in the habit of wanting something, and no matter how hard you try you have to have it.

When my wife was studying for her degree, she had to go visit an AA meeting and observe. There were men and women there that were struggling with an addiction, but they found strength in a group environment.

I’ve seen multiple people that I’ve worked with (and some that I’m still working with) struggle with nicotine and cigarettes. They are successful for the short term, but in the long term they end up back on the “cancer sticks.”

From what I’ve seen, the best form of help that you can get with drug treatment and help fighting addiction is through groups that are formed to specifically combat these addictions and help people get through. Fortunately, there are now web services that can help you find a program that you can get into to help you with your addiction or the addiction of someone you know.

As a Christian, I believe that accepting Christ and prayer are strong methods for fighting physical addiction– but even in the realm of Spiritual Growth it is wise to have someone that you are accountable to. The Bible speaks strongly of bearing one another’s burdens. Through these groups people are able to find help in maintaining a clean life, and now the internet has made that process even easier.

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One thought on “How to Fight an Addiction

  1. A friend’s husband has been in AA for quite some time. He’s come to Christ in that process and had gotten very involved in helping others! Great post!

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