April 10, 2021

Trackback Test

keyboard You may have noticed that if you have referenced an post on this site at your blog that you have not had a trackback show up on this blog.  No, I’m not trying to censor you, for some reason I’m only getting selective trackbacks come through.

In any case, I’ve been spending time this week trying to figure out just what’s going on.  I’ve been sending pings from Weekend Kindness and now I’m about to test another ping generating tool at RedAlt called Pingomation.

I’ll keep you updated as to what happens.

[Update 0] That app no longer seems to work. I’ve tried disabling one plugin that could be doing it (before trying to disable all of them) so, here’s a link to today’s tech help post!

[Update 1] All Plugins Off– Who is God link.

[Update 2] Default Theme — Credit Card link.

[Update 3] The link referenced in Update 0 posted after update 2. I’m trying to go back to my custom theme… What I’m reading Trackback

[Update 4] Only when the default theme was running did I get one– so we’ll try that again Why didn’t this post get a comment?

Believe it or not, it looks to be the theme or something that’s running with the theme– have to do some more testing.

[Update 5] I’ve made it so that the old theme is working, so let’s try another link, this time to last week’s abortion topic.

Got one with the real MIn site, which means that I can enable plugins and test… I’m enabling three, and giving you this great post: Is modesty really only about clothing?

[Update 6] Have I found it? Try again with 5 Firefox stuff.

[Update 7] Whoops! I was wrong. I put a comment in, and thought that was a trackback. It wasn’t. Trying something different.

[Update 8] Nope, it wasn’t that. 🙁 Another test.

[Update 9] It has something to do with my theme, but with no more time to play I’m going to turn the plugins back on and try later…

[Update 10] One More test. One thing I noticed that was different in the two themes is that my theme only shows the pingback url if it’s a page or a post, whereas the default displays it no matter what. I don’t know what difference that makes, but there was a new comment on a post about the Godly Wife, and I thought it could use a link… 🙂

[Update 11] Trying trackback with all plugins, different theme… this link

[Update 12] Huh? Try that again

[Update 13] Trying again. Where Can I Backup My Stuff?

[Update 14] 13 worked with old theme, changed new theme to support no plugins active. Trying to see if Under Penalty of Death works

[Update 15] 14 didn’t work, I’m going to try the same link with 15. Under Penalty of Death

[Update 16] 15 didn’t work– trying a fresh link

[Update 17] 16 did work. It looks like it has to be a fresh link to test with. Since there are no plugins running, it’s only themes, I have to figure out what’s up with the theme. For the time being, I’m going to regular theme while I investigate the differences.

[Update 18] I give up for now. I tried enabling one plugin at a time since it was working with my original theme. Pings were going fine, until I hit one plugin. So, I backed back out– except I wasn’t able to get any more pings. I think it has to do with my hosting provider.

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3 thoughts on “Trackback Test

  1. Glad for all these updates, things were scaring me for a while there! WK is doing weird things too…and my site’s a little mixed up behind the scenes.

    Still think it’s the host?

  2. During the day or at night? During the day was really chaotic. At night I thought I had it stable even when the plugins were mixed up.

    What strange things are happening at WK? I haven’t seen anything over there.

    What’s mixed up with your site?

    We’re still trying to get to the bottom of the whole trackback thing today. Since your blogs and my blogs are on the same host, if I can figure out what the problem is I’ll have all of ours fixed.

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