August 14, 2022

Awakened Out of Sleep

Rut, Rot, or Revival
Rut, Rot, or Revival
By A.W. Tozer

There are three types of sleep Tozer addresses:

  • Natural Sleep – This is what I should be doing instead of writing this post! 🙂
  • Moral Sleep – This is when we don’t do what we should and we do what we shouldn’t and we do not realize it.
  • Spiritual Sleep – This is the state is which we are morally good, but unenlightened.  Religious, but unanointed.  (Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.)

Sleeping Christians are not dead Christians.  They are saved, they are going to Heaven, but they are asleep in one of the last two ways.  This poses a danger to the church because these Christians are often are those that control church affairs and set the standards for new Christians.

And herein lies the secret of how a church stays in a rut– we (the individuals of the church) help maintain it.  We are complacent.  We accept the status quo and push to have it remain the same.  Should we find someone that would take us farther, we have the tendency to want him gone.  Should someone come that is being influenced by the spirit and truly has a passion for God, we send him off to the ministry and say we’ve done our part by supporting him.

God wants us to do so much more than provide a missionary with a paycheck.  He wants us to be alive and awake in Him.  Alert, and not being morally or spiritually asleep.

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