May 8, 2021

Pay Per Post – A Different Way of Blog Marketing

Pay Per Post is an interesting concept.  If done right, I believe that it can be a thing that can help bloggers in many ways, especially in the area of blog marketing.

The Concept

Basically, like any other form of advertising, a customer wants to get his product in front of people.  They want others to be aware that they are offering services.

In this case, instead of placing ads in people’s sidebars and paying per impression or clicks, a person is paid to write a post on a given topic, item, or review a site or service.

How it Works

After registering with Pay Per Post, you install some javascript on your site.  It takes up to 48 hours to verify that you have it on there– something that originally threw me off because I expected something more immediate.  After that, you are able to see jobs for your specific Google Page Rank and Alexa Ranking.  You can then choose to write a post on any topic available.

After you’ve written the post you provide them with a link, and they pay you via Pay Pal.  I’ll let you guess how much they pay to write this post.

How does this fit with MInTheGap?

Well, this blog is self hosted.  I run ads for those people who do not log in to the site.  I also pass along to you books from which I have read something interesting.  I view Pay Per Post as just another way to help defray the costs of keeping the blog running smoothly as well as passing along to you things that are of interest.

I will not lower my standards to make money.  I’ll be very careful as to what I will write a post about.  I do not intend to do more than one of these a week, and even then it will only be if there’s something interesting.

At the same time I’m interested in your feedback.  Do you view sponsored posts as cheapening the site?

In Short

I think this is a great service to bloggers that want to make some cash, and it allows for irregular ads rather than constant ads.

I’ll let you know more how it works out as things progress.

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4 thoughts on “Pay Per Post – A Different Way of Blog Marketing

  1. I don’t think it cheapens the site at all. I’m intrigued and look forward to seeing what you choose to post about, I trust it will be enlightening!

    As for guessing how much they’ll pay you…hm, maybe they’ll pay an initial nice chunk b/c of the plug itself…say $5? At first I was going to guess that it was cents, thinking everyone would be blogging with payperpost if it added up to be a great thing.

    When are you going to tell us? :O)

  2. The funny thing is, the answer is in the post. It’s right in front of you.

    And the other interesting part is that you can get paid for reviewing any post on this site (and I will get something for your reviewing a post!).

  3. $10! Wow, that would be nice per post, definitely. Have you done any other PPP’s since this one?

    As far as reviewing it, do you mean linking to it on my blog along with the review, or is there a site at PPP for reviews?

    You surely don’t get paid as much as $10 for each PPP?

  4. I have taken two opportunities so far– this one and the Burn Notice One.

    I’ve been watching and a majority of posts at my page rank seem to be paying $5.00. Plus, I have yet to actually be paid. The posts have to go through some kind of quality check, so the dashboard says they owe me $26, but the post must be live for 30 days in order to get paid. So, this isn’t an instant cash thing.

    My highest paying opportunity at the moment is $6.00 to review a hotel reservation site. There’s another one I might look into, but I have yet to take another opportunity.

    When you review a post from this site through PPP, you get paid for doing it and signing up and I get paid as well. It’s a one-time thing.

    The amount paid depends on what the person wants to pay for their post. It can be anywhere from $5.00 (I think that’s the lowest I’ve seen) up to the $100s if you have a high page rank. They judge your qualifications on page rank, alexa ranking, and a “tack” system where they keep track of how you did on previous posts.

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