April 20, 2021

The Abortion Rebellion

What would you think would be the easiest way to stop abortion?  No, it’s not by passing a law or overturning Roe v. Wade.  It’s actually by convincing doctors that they should not perform the procedure.

Doctors Reaction to the Pressure of Technology

Part of the offense that has been conducted against mothers carrying their baby to term has been to convince them that the baby inside is just a blob of tissue.  This was pretty easy to do in the early days– partly because of technology and partly because of the desire to find something to ease the feelings of those that are looking to get out of a situation that they caused.

The problem is, technology and the truth are coming in the way of this great lie.  We are now able to see into the womb with newer ultrasounds and clearer pictures.  We are able to save life earlier in the pregnancy than ever before.  Doctors are feeling the pressure of technology.

Doctors Reaction to the Pressure of Morality

The other thing that we’re finding, as mentioned by This is London’s article entitled More Young Doctors Oppose Abortions on Ethical Grounds, is that doctors are having trouble feeling that they are doing a noble duty by killing life.

“We have been hearing for some time now that young doctors, in particular, do not want to work in this field. Those choosing to go into medicine presumably do so because they want to cure sickness and disease not end the lives of innocent human beings.”

-Julia Millington of the ProLife Alliance

It’s gotten to the point that both sides see this as a problem.  The Pro-Abortion side sees it as a problem because they have fewer doctors to perform this “life saving” procedure.  The Pro-Life side sees this as a problem in the law that has to be corrected.

What Can I Do?

Ladies, talk to your OB/GYN doctors.  Ask them if they perform abortions.  If they do, ask them why.  Stand for unborn life and choose a different doctor if they do.  Encourage those that do not.  Inform your friends and other patients of doctors that refuse to perform abortions and refer people to them.

We can each make a difference in the war against abortion, and not necessarily just by picketing or causing a scene.  We can make an impact one person at a time.

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