April 13, 2021

What Do You Think of This Chart?

Sure, you might have to click on it to enlarge it so you can read the words, because they’re pretty small, but I’ll wait…

Obviously this did not come from the Pro-Life camp.  Why do I say that?  From the headings– take another look at the second heading “Is this policy consistent with wanting woman who have sex to suffer consequences?”

That heading is written to make you believe that any policy on the left is primarily aimed at “making women pay” for their “choice” to have sex.

They are trying to set up (one more time) the concept that the pro-life position is anti-woman.  If they spend a lot of time focusing on the “ways women suffer” instead of focusing on the fact that the woman chose to behave in such a way (and she did not do it ignorantly!) then maybe you’ll have sympathy and align yourself against pro-life causes.

Couple that with the fact that no woman really gets pregnant without knowing how one gets pregnant– no matter how much people want to tell you they need sex ed.

Now, I know that some young teens may be mislead in their biology, being talked into thinking that they are not physically mature enough to have a child yet.  However, even these teens know how babies are made, and they are aware that the action that they may be partaking in comes with the chance of getting pregnant.

They have the choice to abstain.  They have the choice to hold a high standard.  There are many out there that will support them– even if they end up getting pregnant and having the baby.

Where are the pro-choice ladies after the woman has the abortion?  They’re handed some birth control pills or some condoms and sent their way.

Where are the pro-life ladies after the woman has an abortion?  They’re treating them for their pain.

Where are the pro-life ladies after a woman has a child out of wedlock?  They’re providing food, shelter, counseling, baby clothes, and families.

Which is more compassionate to both humans here?  Those that are caring for the girl, or those trying to make a few hundred dollars off of a person’s mistake by preying on their emotions and talking them out of giving birth to the life that is within them?

Hat Tip – American Princess: Awesomest Chart Ever

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One thought on “What Do You Think of This Chart?

  1. No matter how legalistic they try to make abortion sound, it comes down to one irrefutible fact, murder.

    Why can’t our laws push for more education on abstinence? And the consequences of contracting STD’s from multiple partners.

    I think kids and unfortunately, some immature adults, need to learn about abstinence and waiting for marriage.

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