May 9, 2021

Tech Help: Clean Up Your PC

One of the nasty things about Windows programs is the amount of junk that you can accumulate over time. I mean, lets face it, if it’s not Internet History, Cache and Cookies (all things that have a use) it’s “free” programs, things in your recycle bin and all sorts of startup programs and things that can take your once speedy machine and make it crawl.

That’s where CCleaner comes in to play. This application is a quick download and once you’ve installed it it examines you system for all the temp files, extra chkdsk files, internet cache, cookies, and other related junk that’s clogging up your system. It’s really easy to clean your PC.

  1. Look at the check list on the left side to see all that CCleaner will do.
  2. Press the analyze button and CCleaner will go through your system and show you all the things that it will do before it does them.
  3. Once it’s done its scan and showed you what it will do, check the list to see what it will do, and press Clean when you’re ready.

I’ve done this a few times on both my work computer and at home. It’s nice to know that all of the junk that I usually don’t have the time to keep up with is now whisked away.

So, what are you waiting for?


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