April 22, 2021

Are You Making a Difference?

Wonderful LandscapeWhat are you doing in your daily life to make a difference? I know, it’s a tough question, but it’s one that we should face squarely each and every day that we have. You see, the problem is that we have limited time to make a positive impact in this world. Note I did not say we have limited time to make an impact. That’s because we make an impact with everything we do– or do not do.

Now, I don’t know that I will go as far as “It’s a Wonderful Life” and say that if you do not go out and help the old lady across the street then that woman will end up in jail, the U.S. will lose the war in Iraq, your hometown will be bulldozed for a strip mall, and your wife will end up an old maid, but what I am saying is that you will miss out on the opportunity to be a blessing in someone’s life.

Take this week’s weekend kindness for an instance. We are attempting to be a blessing to some neighbors who have recently lost a loved one. What we’ve missed is the opportunity on two occasions to help a stranded motorist. (We’ve been more alert to those in need since a sermon on being a Good Samaritan, but I’m sorry to say that though we’ve seen the need, we haven’t yet been able to act upon it until now.

Are you aware of the needs of people that are around you? Are you trying to meet needs, or are you only concerned about yourself?

In this country we are blessed beyond measure, but we also have a greater preoccupation of it being “our” money, “our” house, and “our” car. We need to start looking at situations as opportunities, as those in need as people that we can show the love of Christ to, and start thinking of others more than ourselves.

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4 thoughts on “Are You Making a Difference?

  1. Hey there. Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving your comments. You are always welcomed.

    This post reminds of a teaching I did a week ago. If God is not in a box within ourselves then we are free to share his goodness to others, but if are still trapped it’s pretty hard to show something you don’t have. It all begins with us.

    Great post. God bless you!

  2. I wonder if more people would respond to your posts if one could see more active discussions? Only the three most current stay up — I have seen several I would like to respond to in your “related posts” section, but when I click on them I realize they are quite old and I feel a little silly bringing them up again.

    But since I have and you’ve read this far I will say that I do try to be aware of of the opportunity to help others from something as small as letting them ahead of me in a check-out line to big stuff like running errands and shopping with nursing home residents.

    But it is so easy to be preoccupied by your own little movie that you miss those chances — I always feel such a heel if I could’ve let a car merge but missed it because I was too busy in my own mind. It takes practice, but noting those opportunities and doing soemthing about them is so worth it — for you and them.

  3. Actually, Heather, sometimes it is quite fascinating to discuss older topics from a fresh perspective. I’ve often enjoyed the discussion, or posted new thoughts on the topic, so feel free to do such (and doing such will bring them up to the Active Discussions).

    It seems that conversation on this blog comes and goes. For a while, it wasn’t very active, so I dropped it from 5 to 3. I’ve put it back up to 5, I hope that works for you.

    You’re right– we need to be a people that are humble, and see value in everyone not because of what they do or what they can give but because of who they are.

  4. Thanks MIn.

    “You’re right– we need to be a people that are humble, and see value in everyone not because of what they do or what they can give but because of who they are.”

    Yeah, I was a little puzzled about one of your posters in a thread related to this (I forget the title but it was similar) who said — I’m paraphrasing — they looked for the Christian Spirit in the person before they moved to help them. I guess they meant they wanted to see if the good deed would be passed on so as not to waste it? Perhaps I misunderstood?

    I know people like that, who make a judgment call about reaching out a hand, and I certainly do if it’s a safety issue, but I figure: if you are using false means to gain my help or don’t bother to wave when I let your car go first — it’s on you. I still want to have done the right thing.

    But again, I am not 100% at it. I get caught up in my own thoughts and cruise through merging points and walk right past people who have dropped things and park closer to the door than I have any business doing when I still have two good legs. It’s continuing to try better next time that makes “good humans”, as we call it in our house.

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