May 9, 2021

What Will You Be Remembering?

Memorial Day is an interesting time. It’s a time where the car dealers are asking you to come on in and get great deals. Web sites are offering free shipping. The weather is warming up, so some people are out camping and enjoying the outdoors. Businesses close for a day, giving people three day weekends. A lot of people are on the road.

Oh. And there’s that remembering thing too. What was I supposed to remember?

A memorial is an interesting thing. We put things up so that we don’t forget something important. Like those high school papers I have in the attic that remind me of days gone by, everyone does or has something for things that are truly important.

This day, we take time to remember those that have given the greatest sacrifice so that we can be free. We take time to remember those that have fought for this country on the front lines, in support, and continue to fight so that we do not have to.

My grandfather was one such man. Even though this will be the second memorial day where he will not be with us on this Earth, I remember things about him. Well that’s not the only time, I remember him every time there’s an appliance in my house that breaks! He sold and repaired appliances– especially refrigeration– up until the day that he couldn’t walk on his own anymore. In fact, the last conversation that I had with him where he was lucent was one where I asked him about my dishwasher.

As I think about my grandfather, the impact that he had on me and future generations, I have to be in awe of the “stuff” that makes up the man that goes to battle for his country. I don’t necessarily believe that all that go on the foreign field go there with the thought in mind that they are going so that I don’t have to– they probably don’t even know who I am!

And yet these people are brave– they are performing a duty that is dangerous! They are living lives of adventure and routine all at the same time. They desire to be at home, and yet must focus on the every day. They have to be ones that complete their task– leaving nothing unfinished. They have to be diligent to follow their leaders. They are disciplined, and do what they are told.

Who will you be remembering? A loved one, a friend? Thank God for them, and pray for those that are in harms way, fighting for you.

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One thought on “What Will You Be Remembering?

  1. Even though my parents are both still alive, today I’m thinking mostly about them. They’re in their 70’s, my mom isn’t in the greatest of health…Today I’m putting together a tribute to their fifty years of marriage, something to share at their anniversary party. I’ve already been in tears twice surrounded by all the memories and what they mean to me. These times are precious and few, when you actually value the people in your life to the point of realizing they won’t be with you forever and what would you say to them while you still can?

    So today I remember the living, though I’m forever thankful to the legacy of those who’ve gone before.

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