May 8, 2021

There’s No Pro-Abortion Slant Here

In an article entitled “Pro-life exhibit sparks discussion at Auburn“, the Associated Press attempts to present a balanced story, but fails.  What you can gain from the story is that a group called Justice for All (which opposes abortion) set up a display (a 20-by-30-foot tri-fold exhibit) which had graphic images hoping to stir up debate.  The only image that is shown, though, is the one at the top of this post.

Now, as Jill Stanek points out, the attempts to be fair amount to the idea that the pro-life people are up to tricks saying that they only want discussion and that this prompted a rebuttal from pro-abortion people on campus.

This is the only current piece addressing abortion.  Time Magazine lead off with a discussion of Pregnancy Care Centers and cast them in a disparaging light:

The movement toward “medicalizing” the centers particularly concerns groups like Planned Parenthood that define their mission as offering the most accurate information about the most complete range of reproductive options. The motive behind offering free ultrasounds, which would typically cost at least $100, is more emotional than medical, critics argue, and having them performed by people with limited training and moral agendas poses all kinds of hazards. “What is really tragic to me is that a woman goes into a center looking for information, looking to be able to make a better, healthy choice, and she doesn’t get all the facts,” argues Christopher Hollis, Planned Parenthood’s vice president for governmental and political affairs in North Carolina. “That’s taking someone’s life and playing a really dangerous game with it.” [emphasis mine]

You see, the new line of attack against CPCs is that they are not “getting all the facts.”  What facts?  Planned Parenthood wants you to believe “that the risk of death in childbirth is 12 times as high and that many women who get abortions experience only relief.”  The problem?  How do you verify these facts?  Good records are not kept, and even when the cause of death is a botched abortion it is occasionally not reported as such.  The abortion industry is one of the most protected industries in this country in terms of secrecy!  So, the new tactic is to proclaim how safe abortions are.

The last part of that quote is what really gets to me.  With all of the avowed concern over the woman and the claim that CPCs do not care about them (regardless of the fact that CPCs have clothing, housing, etc. to care for the mom), they have the audacity to recognize one life and not the other.

The press is not a friend to pro-life, and I’m not sure if this latest surge in articles is just a wakeup call to the pro-abortion side about how well the pro-life side is doing at saving life or what.  I take this spotlight as a way to make ourselves better, to be happy for the victories, and pray that someday soon Roe v. Wade will be overturned.

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2 thoughts on “There’s No Pro-Abortion Slant Here

  1. I just dont understand how people can kill a child. They didn’t ask to be concieved and what about all the alternatives? there is adoption…why don’t people think about that??? I am one of the lucky ones that was saved from abortion. The doctors tried to get my mother to have an abortion up until the last day it was possible back in the 80’s saying that either i would die she would die or we both would. guess what we are still both here and going strong and now i have two of my own. doctors don’t know everything and should not be treated as they are gods like they so often are there is only one god and only he can control what happens. even if you are not a religious person you at least have a heart dont you???

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