April 17, 2021

Ever Wanted to Share Something You Found…

…But don’t have the time for a full post?

I have this problem a lot, since I keep up with a lot of news, and yet don’t have the opportunity to write a lot of blog posts with opinions.  So, how do I balance letting you know about the news that I see and yet still giving you the content and opinion on the bigger stories?

There have been three different ways I’ve tried to keep you up to date with different things going on.

Technorati Favorites

Technorati is a great tool for bloggers.  It tries to keep up with information that is posted to blogs, lets you search on key phrases, integrates with podcasts, Flickr, and other sites, and lets you flag other content as your favorites.

One of the nice things that you can do is to actually have an RSS feed of your favorite blogs, and since WordPress has an RSS feed widget you can show what your favorite blogs are saying.  To get my favorites in an RSS feed, the URL is http://www.technorati.com/faves/MInTheGap  Replace the MInTheGap with your Technorati login to see your favorites!

Del.icio.us Bookmarks

The second thing that I’ve tried that I like better is Del.icio.us bookmarks.  Basically, this is a new way to store bookmarks you would have kept in your browser– except they store them on a web site and they are available from anywhere.  The best thing that Del.icio.us has over Technorati is that I can now bookmark things that aren’t on blogs, I can tag them to either be private or by topic, and I can control what shows up on my site.

This way, if I find an interesting topic I want to share the link, or if I want to record something so I can comment on it later, I just bookmark it and it’s available wherever I am.


But the problem with Del.icio.us bookmarks (besides all of those periods) is that I delete links that I’ve commented on, and I might not want to clutter up my bookmarks with something that I know is news but isn’t something I’m ready to comment on.  Like Tony Snow’s cancer coming back (which I commented on using fQuick for the first time).

I don’t have the information yet for a full post, but I wanted to say something and the time frame didn’t really lend itself well to putting it off until I had time in my normal posting schedule.  And fQuick gives me the ability to give you the content that I’ve worked on and the interrupts that I think are worth mentioning.

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6 thoughts on “Ever Wanted to Share Something You Found…

  1. I’ve been noticing and liking your “quick notes” up top! Thanks for the additional info…I love having RSS feeds on my blog, and also the ones you keep here. Since I haven’t wanted to get a bloglines account, it’s a simpler way to see when blogs I like have updated and by their title, see if I want to make time to read it now, or wait till later…


  2. I love the delicious tags…but can never remember where to put the periods. 🙂

    I haven’t tried the Quick Notes…I am SO SLOW! 🙂

  3. Firefox has a great plugin that put two buttons right on my tool bar– one to tag an item and the other to take me to my bookmarks, so I never have to remember where to put the periods. 😎

  4. I just “Delicious:ed” and Stumble:d your site!
    And added it to my Technorati favourites.
    All the best from a huge fan :heart:

  5. Wow, Cordelia, thanks for all the attention! I’m glad you’re here and commenting– and I love your site design. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to getting to know more about you!

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