April 21, 2021

Cure for STD’s is Not Abstinence

Marissa Jaret WinokurHi there, I’m Marissa Jaret Winokur.  I learned about a year ago that HPV, a common virus, causes cervical cancer. Now there is an HPV test that might have caught my precancerous cells earlier.

You see, I had a few too many sexual partners– well, probably only one too many– and I contracted a disease that resulted in doctors performing a surgery on me so that I can no longer have children.  Not to worry, though, I can harvest my remaining eggs and find a surrogate.

I’m here today because People Magazine wanted me to give a word of advice to teens and young women so that they don’t have to have the same procedure done on them.

No, don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to abstain from sex.  I mean, who can do that?  No, I’m here to tell you that there’s a vaccine, which can be given to women before they’re sexually active.  It makes sense to take these precautions.

So, remember what I’ve said.  It makes sense to take these precautions.  I’ll encourage my friends’ teenage daughters to get vaccinated as well, so you can tell I’m serious!

So take a tip from me, Marissa, go out and get your shot today!  Oh.  Well, it will only protect you from HPV, and even that isn’t in all cases.  The only 100% way of remaining free of the cancer and not having to end up like I did would be to remain abstinent and only have one sexual partner— but who can do that?

( Note: words in italics taken from Marissa Jaret Winokur via Jill Stanek’s post “Don’t Stop, get the shot” )

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18 thoughts on “Cure for STD’s is Not Abstinence

  1. Aren’t STD’s caused by blood swapping? So isn’t the statement “The only 100% way of remaining free of the cancer and not having to end up like I did would be to remain abstinent and only have one sexual partner” false? I mean, whenever you go into the doctor, to get a tatoo, or a hundred other things there is a possiblity of swapping blood with another person.

  2. Actually, there are many different kinds of STDs, and many of them aren’t caused by blood swapping– although blood swapping is the most potent (if that’s the right word) way to get them.

    Some STDs, like Genital Warts, Herpes, HPV and others that manifest themselves on the skin can be gotten from skin to skin contact (which is one of the reasons that barrier methods cannot protect you from all STDs).

    HIV and Chlamydia can be contracted without a barrier of some kind– just through bodily fluid exchange. The scariest thing about the latter is that you may not even know you have it!

    If you follow any of the links you’ll see two things that jump out at you.
    1. They all have the phrase “condoms can help prevent” and
    2. They all say that the best way to avoid contraction of these diseases is monogamy inside a committed relationship.

    In fact, I was just reading an article yesterday that said one way to drastically reduce the chance of spreading HIV and other STDs was circumcision in males. To me, this says that it’s something that isn’t necessarily passed via blood swap.

    Hence the problem with the whole “complete sex ed” that people like Planned Parenthood want to have: The plan provides a ok protection against having a baby, but because the person is involved in risky behavior (i.e. sex with multiple partners), every encounter increases the risk.

    One stat that I saw was that you are practically having sex with every person that the partner has ever had sex with– and have a chance to get anything any one of them have.

    That’s the danger, and the reason for this post. It’s not helping anyone to give them information that provides a false sense of security where none is warranted.

  3. What makes me the most upset about this is the vaccine that is now being ‘pushed’. If you are an adult and choose to have sex with multiple partners, I guess that is your choice, albeit a stupid one in my opinion. But to say that CHILDREN are to be vaccinated is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! I read an article the other day stating that the state I live in was going to make this a state law…that all girls from the ages of nine to 20 would HAVE to get this vaccination. It would be part of the normal vaccination routine that is now given. Is anyone else seeing a problem with this? Is anyone else seeing the way the government is trying to control us through all these different measures? This vacciantion should not be ‘pushed’. Where are OUR rights going? :angry:

  4. I’ve only been with five guys. (Yes I know it’s five too many, since I am not married – but it was before I was Christian, and I grew up in Sweden… :cheerful: ) It’s actually a lot less than most of my female friends.

    Yet I got an STD. I couldn’t believe it when it happened. I had been dating a guy who I thought was ok. Then I got a call from a 20-year-old black girl who was a catwalk model. She had been in a relationship with him during the same period as me, but unlike me (stupid!) she had become suspcious.

    When we had both calmed down and realised that we had been tricked, we also realised that the guy in question was sleeping around. We went to take STD tests. It turned out that we had both contracted Chlamydia from this guy.

    We were both close to hysterical, thinking that our fantasies of having a family were crushed for eternity.

    This is not necessarily the case. But the whole experience was so ghastly.

    This was two years ago. I have since been born again (I guess? At least I consider myself a Christian now). I have actually not had sex since. For a year I was too put off, and then the next year I was too busy with work.

    All you Christian women on this site; Spare a thought to a European sister who really envy you having grown up in a Christian environment. I wish I had too… Your lifestyle may be less glamourous and cool in the eyes of contemporart society. But it must be so much more fulfilling to you and pleasing to God.

  5. I think that there are many women and men out there that live life thinking that they won’t get an STD– much like teens thinking they will never die.

    Thank God that you have found Him!

  6. Cordelia,
    You should check out my wife’s blog if you haven’t already. http://www.meglogan.com . She has a similar testimony. Some of her behaviors and attitudes changed immediately when she gave her life to Christ, most of it just fell away over time as the Holy Ghost continued to work within her. Its really quite amazing what Christ has done in her. Sometimes I still can’t believe she is the same person I met a little over 7 years ago ;-). I’m sure you also have a similar story. Reading your comments just made me think of her.

    I’ll make sure Meg is looking for that vaccine so that our daughter does NOT get it. Doctors these days make it very difficult to avoid vaccines if you don’t ask 100 questions. I can think of what instance where they gave one of our children their vaccines and then handed Meg the paperwork to sign for them. They got an earful ;-). BTW, I’m pretty sure they can not legally require you to get vaccines. They can make them a “requirement” for school (Usually you just have to fill out extra paperwork stating you wished not to have the vaccines for religious reasons, then you are ok), they can put them on the regular routine administered to all kids unless you ask not to, and any number of other things but I’m pretty sure they can not make your kids get the vaccines.

    To All,
    This is the same thing they’ve been pushing on television lately, isn’t it? That stuff just makes me mad.

  7. Yes, it is amazing what vaccines they push nowadays, how they have to be combined, and the schedule you have to follow. Or not. We’ve opted out of a few, but more and more are being “mandated” all the time.

  8. Cordelia, I will do more than just ‘spare a thought for you’…I will be praying for you!! Yes, I am thankful every time it comes to mind that I was given the opportunity to grow up and live in the United States of America. My paternal side of the family came here from Sweden and Norway at the turn of the century…not all that long ago. I will also be praying that you will KNOW that you have been born again and have accepted Christ as your Savior…that you will have that assurance and if so, I will be praying for your Christian walk.

    Doug, I have about a ten page report on vaccinations and what is wrong with them. I have not looked at it lately, but I’m also pretty sure they can not MAKE you vaccinate your child. If anyone read the reports on what is wrong with vaccinations and especially giving them out to young babies and children…well, let’s just say it is pretty scary. I just think the government should give out all the information so people could make their own free choice…not the select information they want to give out to get their agenda through!

  9. Yep- because if you get raped- well you deserve a disease like that. [Prostitute]ing it up deserves it too.

    If this disease ruined men as it does women – would we even be CONSIDERING if this vaccine was wrong???

  10. The point here is that abstinence is the only way to make sure that you do not get this disease. The chances of you contracting it by rape from someone you do not know are statistically small.

    Yes, we would be talking about it if it ruined men too. It’s wrong for both men and women to engage in extra-marital sexual relations. There are definitely extra reasons women should not.

  11. You have the right to your opinions and perspective, but to disparage a woman the way you have disparaged Ms. Winoukur is reprehensible at best. This “blog entry” is a disgraceful example of libel and you ought to be so thoroughly ashamed of yourself that you cover the mirrors in your home. I don’t know who you think you are, but if you were my child, I would be embarrassed to have given birth to you. You are a disgrace.

  12. Holly, I took great care to state what is from Ms. Winokur and what is my own writing. The woman is promoting a lifestyle by giving false information– namely, that you will be safe from STDs by using some forms of birth control. The point of this blog entry is to underscore the fact that abstinence is the only way to have a 100% probability of not contracting one of these diseases but that is not what she is saying.

    I’m sorry that you consider this post libel, when this would more accurately be considered satire. I am not attempting to malign the woman (as 50% of this post is her own words and statements that support her own words), but to point out the folly of what she has to say.

  13. Holly, thank-you for your comment. I almost died laughing reading it. It is a great thing that we have the freedom of the press here in the US, both so that MinTheGap can write great posts like this one, and so that people like you have the freedom to come by and leave off the wall comments like the above. I truly hope that your statements above are vast exaggerations. If not, I feel sorry for your kids who are bound to do something more embarrassing in their lifetime then write a satire blog entry. It would be a shame if you something so small would force you to get rid of all your mirrors and disown your children, all because they had a differing point of view.

  14. You know one problem I run into with the vaccines is how hard they push me to give them to the kids at the Doc’s office. They do not prepare me with useful info ahead of time regarding each vaccine it’s effectiveness and it’s possible side effects. In fact I get less information on each vaccine than I get on a prescription drug. They hand me the vaccine pamphlet twenty minutes before administering the vaccine, and they are doing the check up during those times. Then when I have questions the Doc looks at me like I’m abusing my kids for worrying about the side effects and how useful these things really are.

    Now, I am not opposed to vaccines for things like Polio, Measles, Mumps, Reubella, that sort of thing makes sense. The vaccines have been around for a long time, I am pretty confident that they are not going to hurt my kids more than the actual disease would. But these days they press you to give the combined vaccines. Which in my opinion is foolish. It overwhelms the immune system and causes my children to get sick. I also am not in favor of the chicken pox vaccine, which is new, barely works, and caused both my kids to get sick.

    How I can stand firm in the face of Doctorate “authority” I just don’t know. I hate having to argue with them everytime I go in there. I hate being made to feel like a negligent parent because I am trying to be conscientious. I usually end up allowing the vaccines, and get pretty frustrated that I did that again. Course that isn’t helping me either, since now I have a history of administering them…. *sigh* I’m such a weakling.

    Well I can definitely say that our daughter won’t be getting THIS vaccine. There is really NO justification for it at all.

    Mrs. Meg Logan

  15. i want to know why i only found 1 article on std’s only contracted through fluid exchange particular to ejaculation within the vagina. i only found 1 article partaining to this and have lost the site and name of disease/infection. i am curious as to what it is called and if there are more then 1 type of disease/infection that requires ejaculation within the vagina to transfer to one another mainly from female to male.?

  16. Hi bob. Are you saying that all STDs except for one are transferred by means other than by sexual intercourse? If this is the case it really shoots a hole in the whole concept of “safe sex.”

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