June 29, 2022

#3 Has Arrived!!!

At 8:50 pm (the time I set this post to) I became the proud father of my third child– but what a story it is to tell.

Some ladies from our church had been arranging to have a surprise baby shower for my wife for about three weeks– and they just happened to choose tonight as the night. I was in on it to some degree, but as the day approached, I was uncertain if we would actually make that date.

On Monday of this past week, my wife went into for an ultrasound to check the baby’s progress and it was measuring ahead of schedule. On Wednesday, her regularly scheduled doctor’s appointment, the baby had weird heart beats– fast then slow– so we went over to the hospital to have her monitored. The doctor told my wife that if the baby seemed stressed they would take her that evening. She was also told that labor had begun– but not active labor. When things looked fine at the hospital, it was back home.

Last night was a rough night. Almost every hour we were up with contractions, but it was only about once an hour. This morning she talked to me about possibly calling the doctor and having them look at her or induce her– she had to be farther along in labor. It was at this point that I asked her if she was good at acting surprised– I needed to let her know that something was planned so she could decide what to do. After all, I knew that they had arranged for 20+ women to be at the shower, and it was tonight– surely she could wait!

She got into the hospital at 1:00 pm and they checked– no progress from Wednesday (though I had fun teasing the same nurse). So, we went home, and I let the ladies know that the shower would still be on for tonight. The organizer wondered if my wife was still feeling up to it– so I had her call. My wife still wanted to do it at 4:00 pm.

When I got home at 5:15 pm, she was in our room in pain. Active labor had begun, but it wasn’t every 5 minutes yet. We ate, and she got ready for the shower.

7:15 pm – her ride shows up, but she’s having trouble walking. She leaves, and that’s where the fun begins. Shortly after leaving my house there’s a bumpy road. And that road was too much– the friend that was taking her (part of the surprise plan) took her over to the hospital and called me.

7:30 pm – I get told that she’s 8 cm — pretty far along– and I should get over there. I call the women at the shower and tell them to send my mom over to my house to get our other kids. Only it’s taking a long time for her to get here. After a second call from the hospital I decided to get the kids dressed and head out the door. I find my mom and swap cars on the way to the hospital.

7:45 pm – I arrive at the hospital, we start talking about the possibility of an epidural. She gets hooked up to an IV.

8:30 pm – She needs to push– no epidural, no meds.

8:50 pm – She gives birth to a 8 lb 9.5 oz baby girl and has no complications, no problems, no ripping…

We owe it all to God– because despite her not showing up at the shower, 27 ladies did. They carried on with the shower, but! they were praying for my wife and baby. It was because of those prayers that all went better than it ever did– Praise God!

Thank you also for your prayers and support– I’m going to get some rest and enjoy the new addition to the family.

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18 thoughts on “#3 Has Arrived!!!

  1. :biggrin: Woo-Hoo! I am so glad to be the first online to congratulate you and your wife! Thanks so much for the great play by play…I can tell you were still riding the adrenaline rush as you wrote it up…wow, that is so awesome how God had that baby shower planned to coincide perfectly with your little darlin’s arrival!

    I’m so pleased for you! Sleep well, you are in our prayers! 🙂

  2. Llongyfarchiadau i dy wraig ti (a thi!).

    (Congratulations to your wife (and you!))

    Now remember to stay off the computer!!

  3. OK. I cannot resist asking: Stephen, is it Gaelic?

    And in Polish it would be:
    Gratulacje dla Twojej Zony i dla Ciebie!

    In Swedish:
    Hjärtliga gratulationer för din fru och för dig!

  4. BTW, dear friends, why is it called a baby “shower”? When I use the word ‘shower’, I mainly think about washing my body.
    I have always wondered about this connotation…

  5. It’s a baby shower because you are “showering” them with gifts and good wishes…think “rain shower” rather than “body shower”… 🙂

  6. I learned of the happy occasion via Rebecca’s blog and am happy I surfed on over to read your exciting birth story! What a great story! And congratulations to you and your whole family on the birth and the health of Mom and Baby!

  7. Congratulations to you and your wife on your new little girl! I’ve had five babies with no pain meds…so I know how happy she is to have that behind her! LOL. Babies are such a blessing! I will be praying that you all are able to get some rest in between that feed, diaper and snuggle time! Emphasis on the snuggle part. Take care, Deb

  8. Stephen, I’m impressed that you picked up on that, being a male. That said, I didn’t even think about it. Poor mama, delivering so quickly with no meds. I’ve only delivered one without meds (unlike Deborah above–my hero–wow 5 babies naturally!) and she was 9 lbs 2 oz and almost 2 weeks late. What an experience. I wasn’t eager to do it all over again, but that baby adapted so well to life it was amazing. Course, we also opted not to immunize her at birth so she really had nothing against her. If I get to have more babies, I’d go the natural route again for sure.

  9. Natural… Is there any other way? Just kidding!
    I had both my boys the natural way, they arrived so quickly the doctors had no time for fancy anesthetics, so I only had that funny gas to inhale.
    There are certainly more pleasurable things in life than delivering babies – but no other so joyful and special, for sure.

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