June 17, 2021

I Lied to My Son

It was late at night.  He called out into the middle of the night and I responded.  I made my way over to his room, rubbed his head and his back and he started to lay back down.  He said that he was scared, and I told him that I was there.

As I was getting ready to return to my bed, I was feeling sorry for my guy– being afraid of whatever it was.  It was at this juncture that I told my whopper.

I told him that I would always be there to protect him.  Now, it’s something I’m sure I’ve seen on TV and many dads have told their little ones, but you see, I knew better.  I had just finished reading, for my devotions, about a Psalm talking about how even the rich die.  Comforting, in a way, that death is the final equalizer but not necessarily a happy topic.

So, when he called out into the night that he was still scared, I saw the chance to make things right.  This time, when I went over to him, I told him that God would always be with him.  That he could talk to God about what was scaring him.  I lead him in praying for being scared and then stayed with him until he went back to sleep.

The question that we have to ask ourselves– mom and dad– is, are we aware of the opportunities to point our children to Christ, or do we lie to them because it would build us up?

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3 thoughts on “I Lied to My Son

  1. It is very noble, a high goal, but not always do we have tu be theologically alert – like in the middle of the night. And – I believe, at those tender moments, the child really needs his earthly parent to stay assured. However, the serious talk should follow during the daytime…

  2. Have you heard the story of the little boy who called downstairs after bedtime to his daddy…and his daddy answered him, “Go to sleep, son.” The little boy said, “Can you send Mommy up?” The dad said, “No, you need to just go to sleep now.” Then a pause. “But I’m scared.” To which dad replies, “Just remember that God is with you. You’ll be fine, go to sleep.” (sounds like dad maybe had been upstairs a few too many times already!) Another pause and the little boy said, “I know God is with me, but I just want someone with ‘skin on’.”

    One of the hardest things to imagine, for me, is the thought of them going through something horrible without my protection/reassurance. How awesome it is that we can know God holds them in His hand even better than we could ever…And it should really hit us hard, that responsibility to nourish their relationship with their Heavenly Father so that if worst came to worst, they’d know Who to turn to and find their comfort in Him. Starting at a young age is so important…they tend to have a very strong belief system in God–little one’s prayers get answered, have you noticed? They definitely struggle with things like fear, but to get in the habit of praying about it…that habit should be second nature their whole life with all the opportunities they’ll get to put it in use!

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