April 21, 2021

Adventure Warm-Up 3

MInTheGap's AdventureI hope that you’ve enjoyed this week of adventure warm-ups. Next week we’ll be featuring some posts that will be Adventure training for those that are around. There’ll be some tools and things that you’ll need to be acquainted with before you go on the adventure– and although we won’t reveal everything you’ll need to get through a task, we’ll point out a few things in front of you that you’ll need.

Congratulations to Mary for getting warm-up 2 completed with the bonus. I’ll be e-mailing you to set up your advertisement day and your bonus. It’s never too late for the rest of you to complete that warm up– if you can find the people (Stephen!).

And now for the last warm-up of the week:
This site has changed in many ways this week. We’ve had a comment war, adventure warmups, etc. But behind the scenes things have changed as well. At least 5 new plugins have been installed or tweaked or removed to enhance your viewing/reading in this week alone (a lot of them went live the same day). Your task is to send an e-mail to [email protected] listing four of those changes.

Get it right and we’ll list that your name and a link to your site here in this post as well as a comment!

P.S. – Don’t post what you think a change is in the comments! Unless you want to give away your ideas to everyone!

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