April 21, 2021

2007 to be the Coldest Year Yet!

You heard it here first! 2007 is going to be the coldest year yet. I know, the Scientists have come out to say exactly the opposite, but when next December comes around and we’ve had a balmy summer or more snow than you can imagine in December, I’ll have to remind you about this post!

What never ceases to amuse me is how we seem to think we can predict the future. From the weather person on TV that seems to never get the forecast right to the economists that try to guess whether the market will go up or down in the current year, we consistently find that we fail when it comes to predicting what will happen in the big things and in the small things.

It’s at these times of uncertainty that we invest in gold– no, I’m kidding. It’s at times like these when we can have even more confidence in our unchanging God– because His predictions have always come true. Take, for instance, the flood in Noah’s Day, that Abraham would have a child, and the biggest one of all, that God Himself would come to the Earth to die for the sins of mankind.

So take comfort that even though we may not know the future, God does. Whether it is the warmest year since 1600 (one wonders what the real record is!), the coldest or just average, He is still the same, and still working all things together for good to those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.

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13 thoughts on “2007 to be the Coldest Year Yet!

  1. First post!!!! It would be really cool (pun intended) if records were kept since the time of Adam. Then we could really say a certain day was the coldest or hottest.

  2. The way it is going right now – I do not believe it. Plus 8 degrees centigrade in Sweden in January, raining and very windy. It is way too warm, so I guess we should expect some real snows in July to match this.
    But – we should not worry, it is sinful. And, as Min puts it – God is in control.

  3. Personally, I think you’re right– nothing will be allowed to shake scientists from the template, and everything will point to warming. What’s interesting is that since we don’t go very far back, we don’t know if our “warming” is actually the world going back to normal, or leaving average. We simply don’t have enough data.

  4. Autumn here was fantastic. The trees did not start to change until November, and had only just finished at Christmas.

    It rarely gets very cold here in winter. We had snow for a couple of days last year, but that only happens every few years.

    More to the point, we haven’t had any really bad winter storms yet this year (and no 100mph storms for about 5 years).

    Of course, the funny thing about warming trends is that you cannot tell anything from a single datum. Last year was apparently the warmest on record in the UK (and I think globally too). But this year could indeed be the coldest on record, without shaking the scientific consensus that the trend is a warming one.

  5. A coworker of mine jokes about “the ice caps melting, Florida disappears” every time we talk about the warm weather we’ve had this winter. I brought up the other day that at one point in time there was farming by Vikings on Greenland, and now it’s nothing but snow and ice.

    The earth does change in temperature, and I’m not sure that it’s caused by what we think it is caused by. Plus, we know Who has it all under control!

  6. Well the met office has about 250 years of data for the UK, but prior to that, of course, a lot can be told from tree ring analysis and pollen in ice cores. If the growing season is elongated, the tree grows more and thus the distance between rings are larger in that year.

    The climate does not stand still. The bronze age, for instance, was relatively warm. There is a mountain near here where one can find bronze age field patterns near the summit on the lee slope. I might be able to dig up a photo of them. These days the climate is not good enough to do any more than graze sheep at that altitude (and then, not all year).

    There is no one right climate for the earth. Furthermore, it stands to reason that even if we release all the carbon locked up in the earth since the carboniferous period, then we only arrive at the same level of carbon in the environment as the time prior to this.

    But the issues with global warming are not that we should try and freeze (pardon the pun) the environment as it is at a certain point in history. The point is to manage change on a timescale that allows our flora and fauna, and ourselves, to adapt to the new situation.

    Key to this is avoidance of feedback mechanisms that could radically exacerbate global warming, making many places uninhabitable in our lifetime.

  7. Hi! I just wish it would snow! We have had two years of no snow and my 2 year old has actually never seen snow in his lifetime. I have lived here all my life and it snowed all the time when we were kids. Just wish it would come back! Oh yeah, I’m supposed to say that Mary sent me!

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