April 22, 2021

Protect the Children

Nothing is more precious than a child. They have a heart of trust, they wish to please their parents, and they have an innocence that should not be taken away.

Unfortunately, it seems that the only place that our perverse society has left to go– the only place that is still taboo– is to take advantage of and violate children.

But what about those who are supposed to protect children? Sometimes they do: as is the case of an Orange county man arrested on child-pornography charges after federal agents uncovered some shocking videos.

It turns out that the FBI uncovered videos of him and his 15 month old daughter. They found this man through a chatting online with him posing as a 13-year-old-girl.

The man “admitted to producing three videos of himself and his daughter engaged in sexual activity,” FBI agent Keith Scott wrote in a charging affidavit. The suspect also “admitted to transmitting these videos to multiple individuals over the Internet.”

How can you do that to a child?! What’s worse, how can you let a person like this get away? In Connecticut, Edward J. Burke III was given a suspended sentence by a judge and yet this man had “141 photo images and two videotapes of known child victims on a home computer. The victims ranged in age from toddlers to prepubescent children.”

Why was he able to get free? Because part of a deal that the defense attorney struck with the plaintiff included this man’s right to argue for a completely suspended sentence because he was undergoing sex-offender therapy for the last year and his doctor said that he was low risk for offending again.

How do you let this man go!? This problem is out of control to the point that if it’s not actual underage children, it’s adults or teens that are close to being underage. Britain’s advertising watchdog was able to stop an ad that featured a very young-looking woman sitting naked under a lemon tree– this time.

Why was it considered offensive? Because some might mistake the model for a child– since she was not wearing makeup and older looking clothes. This ad was targeted at the same audience to get the same reaction.

We are living in an age where the boundaries are being pushed and we need to stand up for our children’s innocence, punish those that would take advantage of children, and humiliate those that would sexualize our kids!

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2 thoughts on “Protect the Children

  1. A toddler in my extended family was sexually abused at daycare. Both her parents work, both have good jobs. What did they do? Switched daycare. (There was no question of the mother coming home)

    An acquaintance was asking me if I knew of any good daycares. She’s “really picky”. When her oldest was 2 months, his arms were broken, and the daycare provider has no idea how it happened.

    Okay, I understand if people absolutely cannot afford to live/exist on one income. They have no choice but to find childcare. But most people have no idea what “necessities” they can live without to create income. The whole “a penny saved is a penny earned” concept. Our society puts more importance on the dollar and materialism than it does the children. Honestly, I’ve heard so many working moms say they were so ready to go back to work, that being with their kids just drove them crazy. It’s so sad.

    And what you’re writing about in the above article is terrible. We already live in a world that has no problem cannibalizing unborn babies, or killing them at birth. Will we win a war against child porn? Well, we’ve come a long way in opening people’s eyes about abortion.

    There’s always hope.

  2. Nothing in this world is sacred and that includes our children. They are the ones who are going to pay dearly for the moral decay in our society.

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