April 17, 2021

Those Flexible Kids

Anyone who has had children of their own know that kids are amazing.  They are constantly saying and doing things that surprise you.  In the case of Robert Moore, it was the latter.

This little child wanted a stuffed SpongeBob Squarepants from the vending machine and when he couldn’t get it with the claw, he climbed in when his grandmother’s back was turned.

And if you thought that was the end of this tale…  The store owner could not find the key and ended up having to call the fire department while the child sat inside hugging a variety of the animals!

Kids are interesting beings.  God made them a little bit more flexible than adults, though I’m not sure if it’s because He knew that we can’t always watch them or that accidents happen.  What’s amazing about a lot of them is that they have imagination, vision, and there’s not much that seems impossible to their mind.

As adults, we definitely see things in different ways.  We tend to read a lot more into situations and try to protect kids from things that aren’t truly problems.  It is the fear of the way that parents will react that causes schools to ban the playing of tag, since it would be possible for a child to get hurt.

What we now have is a bunch of children that can’t play physical contact games and we wonder why they’re gaining weight.  We worry about the smallest scrape.  Why?

Is it because parents in our generation feel that this is the way that they can show they are involved in their children’s life– since a large number of parents now work two jobs, have kids, and then spend 4 hours a weekday (if they’re lucky) with the child?

Kids should be allowed to be kids– not to be mean, but to be able to enjoy games like tag or my favorite (as a kid): freeze tag.

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