May 16, 2021

Voting: Does He Have a Chance to Win?

This election season seems to be full of prognostication– just like every one before it.  There is a lot of people who believe that 2006 will be the Democrats 1994.  Those that are political buffs will remember that it was 1994 where the Republicans took control of Congress from the Democrats in a surprising turn of events for then President Bill Clinton.

There have been many who have said that because of President Bush’s War on Terror and what has been happening with Mark Foley (the closet pervert who is gay and resigned) that the Democrats are assured to take back the House and maybe the Senate.

And that brings us to a question I saw the other day on The Last Homely House about how we should vote.  For the most part, I have always voted for the lesser of two evils, to put it mildly.  I don’t agree with a lot of things President Bush has done on his watch.  I disagree with how he treats Islam.  I am disappointed that he won’t take a stand against spending.  I am pleased with some things, and I’m not sure that I would ever want the job, but I would take a more Biblical stand– and that probably is why I would never be President.

However, I voted for the man because I believe that he should be the President before John Kerry should be.  At least the man has some kind of testimony about salvation, and appears to live a pretty consistent life.  He’s the guy that you could have a good feeling about him meaning what he said.

My relatives, however, supported the Libertarian candidate because he said things that were more in line with how they believed than Bush’s statements.  In fact, I believed that I agreed more with the man than I did with Bush, but how do you vote when you’re in this situation.

From a Biblical perspective, we will be responsible for how we voted (or even if we voted) for all things are seen by God.  That being said, how will He judge my vote for the lesser evil over the person that better agreed with me and my beliefs?

In one sense, He controls all things– including the winners of elections.  So I should vote my conscience and let Him be in charge of the outcome.  But how does that square with my responsibility to do my best to serve others?  If I were to unleash on the people the worse evil because I chose someone that did not have a chance to win, could I be held accountable for that?

One argument says that at least conservatives would have recognized what Kerry was and would have controlled spending and such better because it would be clear– rather than this pandering that is going on now.  It’s possible that this could have been the outcome, but when I look what Bush has done through executive powers alone it makes me nervous to think what “President Kerry” would have done in the aftermath of 9/11 and where we’d be now.

What are your thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “Voting: Does He Have a Chance to Win?

  1. I struggled this past election as well. Finally voted for Bush, thinking the Libertarian candidate had no chance and I sure didn’t want Kerry! It’s maybe going to take some drastic circumstances to get us Christians to risk a “throw away” vote but I’m more and more warming up to the idea. Your post above was like a “duh” moment for me…as bad as it sounds, I don’t remember praying about my vote much (certainly it wasn’t a priority from the “who should I vote for” standpoint) other than “May Bush get the most votes, please!”
    Definitely something to confess on my part, and strive to change with the next election.
    Thanks for the great perspective.

  2. I really can’t answer this question. I do know one thing, I will still be voting Republican. I am a conservatist and I hope and pray that whichever party wins, it was the Will of God.

    I do fear that the Dems will take back control and that will be the end of traditional marriage, partial-birth abortion will be at its greatest, homosexuals will be able to have the status of a married couple. America’s moral and ethical status will fall into the abyss.

  3. Don’t vote for a Republican this year. Don’t Vote for a Democrat or a Liberal or an Independent. Vote for an American who stands up for what you believe in. As long as you vote party lines, you will always be disappointed.

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